16 June 2017

Replay of the LIVE Q & A with Judy Satori and Darius Barazandeh on You Wealth Revolution ~ 13 June 2017

** Update: I've decided to post some notes for this, there are some crucial transmissions coming through ~ I know I keep saying it, but these energies are really new new new. I typed as I listened, and I struggled to stay awake throughout all the transmissions, so please do excuse any weirdness :) 

I've just seen this and haven't yet been able to listen. Please access the replay here.

This is from Judy Satori:

Recoding the DNA: An Evolutionary Upgrade for Humanity

On this follow-up Q&A show, Judy discussed:
  • The effects of the accelerating ascension energies on the body
  • Love is the Key and the Way - holding a new meaning for us now
  • Cellular regeneration
  • The compression factor
  • Taking time for yourself
  • And answered listeners questions
Judy says: "This is interesting new energy. I felt when I was speaking to Darius that it was alchemy and not clearing like I have done in the past. I was told by Spirit that this new energy can transform very quickly, if not immediately. I feel quite different myself ... as if I have crossed a threshold into something very new and exciting." 

Some notes that I feel are relevant to know about this call:
  • We're getting our energetic brand of "compression breakthrough" (borrowing Cobra's term) with energies from Amenti and the Great Galactic Centre, and us in the middle as conduits
  • This time, the energies are not so much to help us to release, but more of an alchemical transformation at the subatomic levels (this can only mean that we've entered a very significant phase of direct physical transmutation)
  • Since we are 2/3 water, these Light codes/frequencies affect all our cells ~ we feel heat, tingling, emotional, deep aching, unmotivated (extreme sleepiness? periodic thyroid thumping?)
  • What Judy calls the "fence" (Veil) is beginning to transform, it's being removed (as far as I know, this is the first time I've heard Judy mention a "fence"!)
  • Group energy transmission around 19-minute mark
  • Judy also confirms that this Shift is affecting the entire 22-galaxies cluster and beyond (it's a COSMIC Reset, and reset of Creation itself in this Universe)
  • Golden Tara is the future Earth (Earth = 3D, Tara = 5D, Gaia = 7D)
  • Metaphor of water boiling used to describe how these energies work on us ~ the water aspects within our cells is sparking a molecular change, beginning to regenerate us, getting us ready from within
  • Next "energy phase" at end June would be more calming (although I feel this next phase coming, I didn't know its "signature")
  • Group energy transmission around 1:01-hr mark
  • Being true to ourselves and do what we need to do to go through this Shift; don't think, BE, go deeply within and rediscover our True Essence, receive
  • Pristine and arcane knowledge coming to Earth, beyond anything we've ever known, we're being activated and prepared so that we will be able to help others when the time comes
  • Energy / knowledge will come forth from the Bosnian Pyramids that will help Humanity move beyond limitations and manifest a new reality; this knowledge was secreted away during ancient times, and meant to resurface during this Great Shift
  • Group energy transmission at around 1:22-hour mark
  • We'll be starting to feel better physically (referring to the ailments or symptoms we've been going through for so long
  • Life is about expressing Joy
  • Final transmission at about 1:54-hour.

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