30 June 2017

Schumann Resonance....And What Else?

Space Observing System
As you may know, I've often wondered what these graphs are actually recording. I've also asked rhetorically if we are interpreting these readings correctly ~ what if the instruments are picking up "something else" but are registering them as these spikes that we're seeing so often in the past weeks?

One of my meandering thoughts is.....are these spikes showing the manifestation of Light Pillars? According to Gabriel Raio Lunar in his recent update (and assuming the information is accurate), the Pillars of Light are beginning to anchor around the globe (I posted one about East Malaysia few days ago). These "pillars" are unlike the Aurora Borealis phenomenon ~ they form under different conditions and indeed look different. Gabriel also links these pillars to Cobra's ATVOR information.

I also distinctly remember quite a few sources mentioning the anchoring of these pillars in greater numbers "when the time comes", or words to that effect (although I cannot recall which particular sources).

Of course, I could be totally wrong in all of this.

As Spock would say....Fascinating!

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