27 June 2017

The 10 Health Commandments ~ Natural Medicine Magazine

Source: Natural Medicine Magazine

The 10 health commandments

1. Spirituality – love is the supreme ethic we should adhere to.
2. Diet – unprocessed wholefood in the right proportion plus hydration.
3. Rest and sleep – make sure to get 7 to 8 hours’ quality sleep per night.
4. Avoid toxins – eliminate all forms of toxicity.
5. Movement and air – be active and move as much as possible.
6. Elimination – make sure your plumbing system is working well.
7. Manage stress – address all forms of stress.
8. Electromagnetic fields (EMFs) – avoid electromagnetic smog.
9. Recreation and pleasure – laughter and sunshine is the best medicine.
10. Wise supplementation – use wholefood supplements to prevent illness.

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