19 June 2017

The 3 Operational Protocols For Lightworkers & How to Spot and Shut Down Darkness Conduits in Your Network To Protect Your Relationships & Operations ~ Jim Tourtsakis ~ 12 May 2017

Source: Return To Your Truth

Greetings Freedom Lovers, Lightworkers, Comrades…

For those who don’t know me yet … here’s my first article & Radio Show for you to enjoy later, to get a better idea of who I am.


Part I
The Operational Protocols for protecting relationships … networks & operations for a much smoother ride … thus maintain the momentum for The Event.

Part II
Protocol #2: Utilizing The 10 Indicators of a Compromised Lightworker… to Quickly Shut Down Conduits of Infection in Your Network, Thus Preventing Relationship Breakdowns & Risks to Operations …

& Protocol #3 - Clearing A Mission

Important Preface

With the energies only getting more intense … and darkness only getting more desperate to save itself … overt attacks on – and subtle background manipulation of – Lightworker relationships are more vicious than ever.

I’m sure you’ve been feeling it, or at least seeing it…

It’s a horrible thing to witness, let alone experience …

Although the attacks with the most long-lasting affects, appear to come through damaged/compromised Lightworkers & or conscious dark souls posing as Lightworkers … who join Lightworker groups/networks of various kinds that have been succeeding in various types of planetary liberation operations.

Hence this article … To help Lightworkers carry out their soul based duty with much more ease & grace, while maintaining their network of loving relationships with comrades & soul family - that are clearly getting massively interfered with by darkness… as part of an overall attempt to de-rail grid work operations & synchronized global meditations… which have decimated darkness in recent years, and to further compound things, have halved the time from now to the Event – not just once, but several times thanks to these huge successes of Lightworkers working together in powerful networks.

Please read on....

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