24 June 2017

The Gift of Light ~ Lee Harris ~ 24 June 2017

Source: Lee Harris

You will help people by walking into light but only by walking into light yourself. So recognise this. And those people you may have in mind now - the ones who challenge you, the ones who are your spiritual foes, those who you love dearly but who are threatened by your experiences, who are frequently challenging you in where you are stepping - let them go from that bondage. For it is you allowing them to give you that bondage.

You want them to come to you from a place of love, you want them to understand they will only understand when they see the example.

You will be the example.

You will emit the energy that will allow them to find the energy within themselves that will allow them to step into the sun. You understand how this works, you are all highly receptive energy beings. You know that when another being looks upon you with love, you feel their love. That is how you work, everything comes from feeling. To understand through the mind is the slow way, it is a beautiful way but a slow way.

- From The Gift of Light

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