24 June 2017

The Hermit ~ Cathy McClelland

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The Hermit!

The lessons The Hermit has to offer on our quest in life are the light of love, the appreciation of simplicity, self- respect and freedom from the material world. 

The Hermit teaches wisdom from the heart.
Though our paths and quests may seem very different, our destination to the heart is the same.

This journey must be taken alone to truly understand self-love and to live it.
The outside world is a great teacher and can stretch our consciousness. 

It usually brings us to the feet of The Hermit, who then shines his light into our heart and spiritual being.
In the end of all journeys we must always return to ourselves, for truly that is where our answers lie.

The concept may seem easy, but doing the work can be a treasure hunt and many times, we still end up in the dark.
The Hermit’s guiding light assists us through the dark times of questioning our lives and our actions. 

He teaches us to have faith and trust in our hearts. 

He wants us to keep focused on our inner journey with the divine, and pay attention to how we play it out in our outer world. 

He wants us to tend to the restlessness inside, rather than trying to fulfill needs with a material fix.

-Cathy McClelland

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