24 June 2017

The Return of Light ~ Recognising False Beliefs

Image from Italian Renaissance
 ** Why is it necessary for us to know that we had come close to annihilation?

First because it is the truth, and secondly because it will give you a true understanding of the whole picture.  Embedded in many beliefs and philosophies on this world is the concept that darkness is an illusion—that this is all maya and a play of the Gods, that this is the Creator Gods having sport.  And that illusion will persist unless a person truly understands the magnitude of this horrific invasion.  

As a result of living in a fallen world, each one of you will have, to some extent, compromised pieces of truth, pieces of the light, and pieces of yourself. 

Therefore to hold onto that false belief is to still leave room  or the dark to act within you.  And this is part of the necessary identification of the dark in order for it to be eradicated.   "The Return of Light" by Karen Kirschbaum & Elora Gabriel **

Suffering is unnecessary.
Trauma is unnecessary.
Pain is unnecessary.
Disharmony is unnecessary.
Abuse is unnecessary.

All these, and more, are unnecessary for us to "learn Life Lessons".

Our beloved and beautiful Planet isn't a "school" for unimaginably challenging "Life Lessons". Our belief that we need to struggle in order to learn is the result of distortions of an inauthentic and anti-Life system of domination and control.

All these negative experiences that we've been conditioned to believe are compulsory will only impact the psyche and in extreme situations, splinter the Soul, which then requires extensive healing and recovery processes over a long period of time....sometimes even over several lifetimes.

Life Lessons can be learnt through meaningful and rewarding experiences that enrich the individual in so many positive ways. We wouldn't wish our own children to suffer through traumatic, painful and negative experiences to enhance their worth as individuals, so why would we even consider that to endure devastating situations is good for our Souls?

Saying NO to this twisted belief is a step forward towards reclaiming our Sovereignty and stepping into our own power as a Divine Being with creator abilities. When we let go of this belief, we will begin the process of extricating ourselves from the web of deception and begin to set into motion creative forces to manifest a Life that is authentic, one that supports and nurtures us, the way it was meant to be.


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