30 June 2017

Timeline Split and the August Eclipse Gateway: Video ~ Sandra Walter ~ 29 June 2017

Sandra Walter calls the Cosmic Reset a Universal Re-write....what a fabulous way to describe it! That aside, this update from Sandra is important and I encourage all to listen to the video.

Source: Creative Evolution

Blessings Beloved Light Tribe ~

The strong entry to the August eclipse Gateway during the Solstice prompted me to complete a video about preparations, Gridwork and the current unfoldments with timelines. The intention is to reach the Lightworkers who prefer YouTube to reading articles, so that everyone may unify in this Divine Service.

While the intel on what the eclipse symbolizes was mentioned in recent interviews, I will save that topic for next week’s article. Remember that New Earth grid system preparation, especially along the eclipse pathway, is a focus through July. The dates for the August gateway, the path of totality, and the timeline bifurcation are mentioned in the video.

July 1-7 is the traditional (etheric) conclave of the Ascended Masters at Mount Shasta. We will focus on owning our Mastery during the Unity Meditations on SUNday.
Tuesday, July 4 is Independence Day here in the USA; a wonderful day for Gridwork and grounding the highest intentions for the August Gateway. Enjoy the video!

In Love, Light and Service,
Please visit Sandra's site to view the video.

Some notes:
  • The Primary Timeline of Christ Consciousness overshadows this Great Shift;  Secondary Timelines serve the collective experience; synthetic Tertiary Timelines have dropped away
  • With the elimination of these inorganic timelines, the focus is now on the massive transition of the Great Shift, and accessing higher timelines
  • Photonic Light demands order and harmony
  • Timeline bifurcation is unfolding in the higher realms, and will take tim to manifest in the physical
  • The land has been encoded for the August "Great American" Eclipse
  • Ancient conflicts (Lemurian, Atlantean, Masculine, Feminine etc) being resolved and will be coming to a close; no more need to play out these extreme polarisations
  • Gridworkers have cleared the entry and exit points of the upcoming Eclipse
  • Lightworkers are encouraged to open up gateways along this Path of Totality to connect the current reality into a higher one
  • This is a very strong trigger point.


  1. If people really wish to anchor the energies of this eclipse for the best possible outcome, I highly advise burying tachyonized cintamani stones as close as possible along the path of totality - especially metropolitan areas near the path such as Portland, Boise, Lincoln, Kansas City, St Louis, Louisville, Nashville, Chattanooga, Charleston etc.

    Please check out Cobra's blog "The Portal" and Untwine's blog "Recreating Balance" (both are "Blogger" based like this site) for additional details on how to get involved and assist in raising the consciousness of the U.S. public during this important period.

    1. Thank you, that is such an excellent idea! I've already relayed your suggestion to Ada Shaw. I think this Eclipse holds much potential for awakening in US. Blessings