09 June 2017

Unacknowledged ~ Steven Greer

I normally don't post things that require you to purchase/rent something, but once in a while I will, and this is one of those exceptions. At this point in writing, I should mention that "Sirius" has been taken off YT ~ this is apparently due to a complaint from Gaia TV. Dr Greer has said that they are working to put it back on.

Given that genuine efforts towards Disclosure are frequently thwarted, I believe that we should do whatever we can, at the grass-roots level, to promote such efforts. (And yes, I know ~ we've all been alienated *literally, and pun unintended* ourselves over the long, lonely years, but hey....we do what we need to do 💜 )

A couple of personal opinions (and they are "opinions" only). Unlike "Sirius", which quite honestly left me going "huh?", "Unacknowledged" gets to the core of Disclosure. If you're familiar with Dr Greer's main body of work, you may appreciate that this movie approaches Disclosure full-on. It accentuates and presents critical components that leave very little for those who are new (or resistant) to the Extraterrestrial factor to doubt.

Dr Greer, as you may know, views the ET presence on, or visitations to the Planet, as basically benevolent. He doesn't believe that there are negative ETs that are controlling Humanity ~ his thinking is that those who do so are essentially the Military Industrial Complex. This is the perspective upon which the movie is built. To me, this represents only half the picture, but I believe I do understand where he's coming from ~ Dr Greer, having been warned by Dr Carol Rosin about Werhner von Braun's deathbed confession about the False Alien Invasion agenda, is adamant that we are aware of, and don't fall for it.

Additionally, if we were to present this loaded issue of ETs to non-believers, then perhaps to do it in two parts may not be such a bad idea. "There are ETs, they want to help" followed a bit later (after the first revelation sinks in) by "Ummm by the way, there are also negative ETs who have basically enslaved and perverted Humanity throughout the ages"......that might work.

You can purchase the movie here at Vimeo; I don't know if the rental option would be available later. I donated to the crowdfunding so had a special link that enabled me to watch over 48 hours.

Some events/sightings or topics covered:
  • Roswell ~ testimonies that corroborate each other
  • JAL pilot witness account over Alaska sighting in 1986
  • Rhine River, Germany ~ unreported
  • US Atlantic Command at Norfolk VA
  • Stonehenge, UK
  • Neil Armstrong's sighting on the Moon
  • Gordon Cooper's sighting during his landing near Edwards Air Force Base
  • Neutralisation of warhead near Vandenberg Air Force Base (Robert Jacobs' testimony has been a long-time favourite of mine)
  • Malmstrom Air Force Base missiles deactivation
  • Numerous clips of sightings (some of them truly stunning and includes, I assume, those from Dr Greer's CE5 initiatives)
  • Dr Greer and Daniel Sheehan discuss the creation of covert alliances for Deep Black Unacknowledged projects and structure of secrecy
  • Dr Greer's "coming of age"
  • Death threats against the witnesses
  • "How do you  keep something secret? You hide it in plain sight."
  • Infiltration of media by agencies
  • Project Blue Book, debunking sightings and ridiculing witnesses
  • Our "lost" century, what our world could truly be like if Nikola Tesla's brilliance wasn't censured; what resulted was an era of artificial scarcity, the destabilisation and dehumanisation of the population, and the transfer of power from the people to elites
  • Over-Unity technologies using zero point energies
  • Anti-gravity technologies with Alien Reproduction Vehicles
  • "Their mandate is to lie, deny and deceive"
  • False Flag Operations
  • Operation Paper Clip and Wernher von Braun
  • How they can stage a False Flag Invasion.

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