13 June 2017

Violet Flame Over Long Island: New Global Daily Meditation at 2PM UTC

In his latest update, Cobra stated:

Interaction of anomalous plasma with the back stone creates a huge negative plasma vortex about 1000 miles in diameter with its center on Long Island:

This vortex is the purification station for remaining primary anomaly on the surface of the planet. Top members of the Cabal and many members of the Chimera are using the anomaly of this vortex as a shield against the Light and this is why the East Coast has the highest concentration of the Cabal on the planet.

Positioning Cintamani stones in a flower of life pattern inside this vortex will serve as a vectoring grid for the energies of Sirius and will accelerate the transmutation of this anomaly. It is also beneficial to flood that vortex with the Violet flame. 
I believe that with this information, it make complete sense to do what we can to help, and the best way I can offer to do so is to join in the on-going meditation by a core group of dedicated people focused on flooding the vortex with the Violet Flame.

Please join in, and we will surely hasten the dissolution of this negative plasma vortex!

Please check for details at  Prepare For Change.

These are the meditation times:

4 am HAST Honolulu
7 am PDT Los Angeles
8 am MDT Denver
9 am CDT Chicago
10 noon EDT New York
3 pm BST London
4 pm / 18 CEST Berlin
4 pm EET Cairo
9 pm ICT Bangkok
10 pm CST Taipei
11 pm JST Tokyo
– next day –
1 am AEDT Sydney
3 am NZDT Auckland.

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