08 July 2017

Announcing: Letters to the Resistance Movement ~ Danell Glade, PFC ~ 7 July 2017

No doubt they will receive the equivalent of a mountain of letters.

Source: Prepare For Change

Announcing the New Resistance Movement Communications

After discussions with Cobra, PrepareforChange.net will initiate a new page entitled:

Resistance Movement Communications (RM for short).

The Resistance Movement have come to Earth to help with our planetary liberation. They are extraterrestrials whose main home base is on Planet X, beyond Pluto. They are here to help, but not to do everything for us. This is our planet and we must play a major part in this liberation process.

Many people have asked about the RM and how can we communicate with them. Prepare For Change is now helping to facilitate this process.

Cobra has stated that the Resistance Movement members, as they are extraterrestrials, have a different set of gifts, skills, and emotional make up than humans. Sometimes they have a difficult time understanding humans with all the different emotions that we express. To help them become more familiar with us humans, it will help if we can either mentally/telepathically connect with them or write to them; how we feel, what are our struggles, how we cope with 3D life on Earth. This is your chance to say what is in your heart to those who have come to help. This is to strengthen the bond between us. This is a way to heal.

We welcome you to contribute to the communication with the Resistance Movement. Add your thoughts, desires and prayers. This is your place to express yourself. What do you want to tell the RM?

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