07 July 2017

Ascension Gateways, Stargates, Carina Constellation, Sirius, Cintamani.....

Sirius-Earth-Gateway ~ Forever Conscious
As I was reading the articles and messages that came out over the past few days, I noticed a common thread....

First of all, Joanna Fay's "Ascension Gateway 7-9 July" (and remember to anchor the energies in if you are guided to do so, details in the article), where she explains the opening of the New Gateway of Ascension Light in the Carina constellation, where the misaligned energies will be reset to Divine Order.

Joanna used this image for the visualisation:
Then in Cobra's Planetary Situation Update, a reference was made to a link at Rumor Mill News, which had this image:

Can't blame me for seeing the similarity. The Star at the top of the rings is said to be Sirius.

Then today, we have Meg Benedicte's "Sirius Stargate Opens 7/7". 7th July, same date as that mentioned by Joanna Fay.

That brings me back to Cobra. In his "Vacuum Metastability Event", he explains:
Positioning Cintamani stones in a flower of life pattern inside this vortex will serve as a vectoring grid for the energies of Sirius and will accelerate the transmutation of this anomaly. It is also beneficial to flood that vortex with the Violet flame...

Cintamani is from Sirius, and it's Sirius energies that work with this stone. Maybe it's just me, but I'm thinking all these connections are fabulously wonderful :)

For more about the Sirius Gateway, please visit Forever Conscious.

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