04 July 2017

Become The Eye Within the Storm ~ Paul Dobree-Carey

Thank you to Tim Whild for posting this.

How quickly you find yourself within the middle of an intense storm taking place around you and how quickly does it take for you to become part of that drama.

Become the Eye within the storm rather than being swept along with the dramas that may encompass you. Move through life with your own defined purpose and create a clear path through the chaos. It will soon become obvious to others where you are going and what you are becoming along the way.

The practice of non-attachment is not about removing your exposure to everyday life, people and circumstances because you see what they do as negative or different from your own ideals. Non attachment is recognising that you no longer need to define your Self by That which surrounds YOU.

While you seek purpose outside of YOU, you seek the creations of Others to fulfil your requirements. Instead clear the obstacles of illusion and create for your Self.

YOU will clear your path and YOU will find the way within your Self.

With Love and Blessings,  <3

Paul Dobree-Carey

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