04 July 2017


Gravity Glue
This is a short write-up of my own experiences and opinions...."just me".

Since Friday, I felt a growing unease, and mentioned on an update (1 July) that there are uncontrolled outbursts as well as feeling a lot of "electricity" in the air. Over the weekend, the feelings intensified, and I felt as though something "ripped" or "tore away", accompanied by a deep sense of sadness, as if there was a huge separation occurring. Lots of grief. Further bifurcation?

It didn't help that I myself had two family issues resurfacing (exploding) ~ I initially allowed myself to be caught in them, but thankfully decided to extricate myself and walk away after a while. I must admit I didn't expect it, even though I had written about the uncontrolled outbursts and felt something building up very aggressively.
Then I saw today that we are back to Black Alert status.

I don't know if all this building-up is related to 4th July, but I wouldn't be surprised if it is.

I do sense a turnaround coming up, meanwhile I suggest we all try to stay safe and keep those vibrations high. Namaste, and remember to......

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