09 July 2017

Collective Unconscious and Second Death - Lisa Renee - 2 July 2017

Source: Energetic Synthesis

Due to the changes in the geo-magnetic field, the EMF shifts in the energetic terrain are magnifying the stress and anxiety that many people have not healed from their Ego Filters and negative ego belief systems, which form from one’s innermost thoughts based upon the contents of their unconscious mind. This is a topic that is discussed and explored in a variety of ways in the ES community to outline and highlight the critical importance of identifying and taking steps to clear mental anxiety and negative ego thoughts and behaviors (predator mind, spiritually abusive behaviors), from taking total control over our lives.

Most people are highly susceptible to psychic sponging of the rising collective unconsciousness stream in the environment, and the magnitude of the force behind these chaotic patterns is immense. When a person is in consistent states of experiencing mental anxiety, this is a dangerous state of mind, which can develop into more negative ego pathology if it is not curtailed or redirected in more healthy behavioral outlets. The mental anxiety many people are feeling during this time is at extreme levels.

The negative ego is conditioned from the reptilian predator mind, so it is inherently violent and aligned to service-to-self behaviors (selfish). Ego Filters when left unchecked and unhealed evolve into a Physiology of Fear where the nervous system is turned on in a nonstop sympathetic stress, which pumps adrenalin into the body which can generate feelings of anxiety and panic. When a person does not take steps to evolve their mind, or reprogram into more spiritually healthy, loving thought forms and peaceful behaviors, the Ego Filters are grossly exaggerated. 

As a result, an undisciplined and unhealthy mind can easily generate negative states of inner violence and inner terrorism. Many people on our planet are not faring well mentally and emotionally in these recent timeline shifts, and this may be painful and disturbing to observe in those around us. It is for this reason I open this topic to help our community get deeper clarity on this disturbing topic, so that we become experts at shifting thoughts away from negative ego filtering, and back into peaceful states of being, no matter what kind of chaos is in the immediate environment.

Finding acceptance in the moment to moment, is very important in order to maintain peaceful states of thinking and behaving, while being exposed to the tumultuous energies of the world at large and the collective confusion many people are feeling.

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