04 July 2017

From One to Another to Another....

An M-class flare yesterday, and still looking a bit unsettled at the moment, although not as intense as predicted. Having said that, I believe that even though the geomagnetic storms or flaring are not Earth-facing, we have reached the state that we are able to sense and pick up these bursts. The Sun's activities would still have effects on us, whether they are Earth-facing or not.

Prior to the Solar flaring, we had some geomagnetic storms registering:

And preceding these storms, we had some huge outbursts on the Schumann Resonance front. Basically, for the whole month of June there was periodic spiking of the Schumann Resonance.
Space Observing System

We are having "scientifically-unknown" energies coming, and I believe that no existing instrument can properly detect them.

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