04 July 2017

Gaia Portal "Telomers of Nova Gaia": An Interpretation Posted by Disclosure News Italia ~ 4 July 2017

I like this interpretation of Gaia Portal's recent update. I do note, however, that the term "telomeres" is assumed, rather than "telomers". I've been told by a few people that there is such a term as "telomers". Also, please note that the definition reference that's supposed to be from Wikipedia is for "telomere" and not "telomer". (And I hope I haven't confused you.....)

Source: Disclosure News Italia

Gaia Portal Telomers of Nova Gaia. Our translation and interpretation of the new Gaia Portal message published on July 2 2017.


Nova Gaia Telomers Connect the Light-Guideds

Telomer is the terminal region of a highly replicated DNA chromosome that protects the extremity of the chromosome from deterioration or fusion with adjacent chromosomes. Its name comes from the Greek word telos ‘end’ and by merose ‘part’.
Telomer plays a decisive role in avoiding loss of information during duplication of chromosomes, as DNA polymerase is unable to replicate the chromosome until its termination.
If there were no telomeres DNA replication would risk the significant loss of genetic information at each replication.


Gaia Portal Telomers of Nova Gaia

We could interpret this phrase in this way: In the creations of the Nova Gaia and in the replication and / or multiplication of Her components, the Telomers, which in this case we could visualize as the basic bricks that contain the information, and which constitute the evolving Gaia, link to the Light Guides so that the information they multiply is absolutely in the Light creating a new Planet where the dark forces are completely absent.

Light-Guideds, in this Gaia’s evolution, could be interpreted as the Light Beings, which, as indicated by Pleiades 1, are in large numbers flowing on Earth to secure the absolute presence of the Light in this transition process of the Planet.

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