02 July 2017

Meditations Today!

** sticky until after the meditations **
Three meditations coming up today! Please join if you are able :)

I am aware that Cobra has reported (in the recent Golden Age interview) that there has been insufficient participation from us to create a critical mass shift. From what I understand, this matter is being looked into but meanwhile, we will continue to do what we can.

Meditation is the simplest thing we all can do to make a huge difference. To be honest, I am bewildered why reaching the critical mass isn't happening. I've looked at some sites that are Lightworker-based, and one has over 200,000 members! I promote meditations regularly because I feel that it's the least I can do, since I can't do much else. So for those who wish to help but don't quite know how, please join the meditations :)

**Note: If you don't resonate with the guided meditation (I'm referring to the Long Island and Weekly Ascension Meditations) then please consider doing what you're more comfortable with, but join at the stated time. Also, for those who feel that it's too long, then please consider just joining for 10 minutes, or even 5! The important thing is to get as many people as possible to join, each one adding their beautiful energy and intention into the group, and greatly amplifying the collective effort.

And finally, in my opinion, if you choose to participate in only one, may I suggest the Long Island one, since that is the major block that is impeding Planetary resolution.

Long Island Meditation ~ details here

Unity Meditation ~ details here

Weekly Ascension Meditation ~ details at the fb page, or at The Portal.


  1. Hi Grace,
    I normally don't comment on blog articles online, but this time I felt that I had to tell you why the weekly meditations don't work for me. I think that more people might have the same reasons not to participate or participate irregularly.
    -Seeing I live very much by the day it is much easier for me to remember a daily meditation than a weekly meditation. A daily meditation is easier to fit into my schedule, because like brushing your teeth it becomes a habit. Often in the weekends I forget whether it is saturday or sunday and what time it is because I spend a lot of time outdoors or away from home.
    -The information on the meditations and what to do when you are meditating is to complicated for me. When I meditate I would like to have a simple focus, so that I am not thinking to much, but can feel my way through the meditation. Next to that with all the different names for the meditations I get confused what they are for and why I am doing the meditation (speaking as foreigner). I suggest simple names for the meditations and just short explanation of their purpose, not several pages you have to plough through to try and understand what you should be doing. Most people also have a short attention span, so maybe a short explanation helps.
    -3 meditations on a sunday really breaks up your day, especially when the mediations are 33 minutes. With this shedule you're almost grounded for the whole day. I would suggest 1 meditation of 33 minutes with 1 focus, or 1 meditation with 3 topics after another (3x11 min). When you do the meditation in the morning or evening people can still use the rest of the day for other activities.
    -An example of a meditation that I participate in most nights is a meditation of project peace and love 8 minutes at 8 pm every night. This meditation is very simple and focusses on Love and Peace with the help of the divine mother and AA Michael. Maybe it is possible to work together with the people who organise these meditations? http://voiceoffreedom.ca/project-peace-love-8-minutes-at-8pm-the-mothers-tsunami-of-love/

    That's just what I wanted to share from my point of view, maybe this helps?

    Thanks so much
    Laura (The Netherlands)

    1. Namaste Laura, I truly appreciate your views, and I fully understand your issues. I will write to the organisers via the link you provided and hope to work something out.

      I am aware that the meditation can be quite long, and that there are too many instructions for some to follow. That's why I suggested just doing it in the way that's most comfortable for the individual, and for a shorter duration if that works better. The important thing is to join in :)

      I will write something more detailed about it tomorrow, thanks to your excellent feedback! Most definitely it helps tremendously :)

      Many Blessings

    2. Hi Grace,
      Thanks for your kind reply, it gives me the confidence to speak my mind more often :-). I am glad my feedback is something you (and we) can work with. Growing towards unity in our meditations is well worth the try. I really appreciate your dedication and enthousiasm.


    3. Dear Laura, please do continue to speak your truth! Especially if you are guided to do so, and are bursting unless you speak out :) Our own truths are the only thing that's real for us in this controlled world, without which we would surely flounder and fall.

      Let's hold a positive intention for this to work out. I know there are very dedicated people behind the meditations, and we'll all do our best to contribute :) Thank you for being YOU! Namaste