07 July 2017

Merging of Parallel Timelines & the ‘Dark’ Influence: A QHHT Session by Sian Chua ~ 7 July 2017

It was quite surprising to read such details being brought up in a QHHT sessions (at least, from past reports that I've read, anyway). It's very encouraging, however, that these details are reaching more and more in the LW community who tended to shy away from the not-so-nice bits about our controlled reality. As I was reading through, I didn't quite align with some of the information coming through, but that's just my opinion.

Source: Transients

This past life regression session, facilitated by Sian Chua using Dolores Cannons QHHT method, was conducted in June this year. While there are a number of topics that I have briefly summarized below, one of the more important ones is mention of the parallel timelines. At the end of this transcribed Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy session, I will include some more information for the seeker on this topic.

For those wondering about the influence of the ‘dark’, or groups(s) out there — such as the cabal — that control aspects of life, multidimensionally and not just practically, this is a great source of information to further expand your knowledge and will likely help the ‘warriors’ out there, who actively pursue the light.

Areas covered:
  • Pulled from her home on the surface of an alien world and taken to a space ship where she is held captive. Her memory is wiped from not performing her task, and she is sent back in time, in the same lifetime she was previously a part of. Leading a rally against the government who are suppressing the people’s psychic gifts, and is later imprisoned and tortured.
  • Higher self answers questions around that life and explains how lives occur simultaneously within parallel realities. HS mentions the importance of resolving specific things in other timelines so that they can merge, but also shift together.
  • Missing memories and the Mandela effect is discussed as parts of symptoms of this timeline shift.
  • Information on the darker influences behind slowing down the shift and lowering the vibration of our timeline through various activities is mentioned.
  • Ways we can act to help raise the vibrations and shift our timeline, including working with heart energy.
  • A block placed on a community that Judy moved to, which caused a lot of negativity in the lives of people and how Judy was sent to bring positive energy to that area.
  • Beings who cause dark, or negative based problems through residing at certain energy centers of the earth, including the chakras of the Earth.
  • The existence of a fake aura around Judy’s true aura, causing problems for her and how benevolent ETs  can help.

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