02 July 2017

Silmarillion & The Lord Of The Rings: Tales of the Human Saga

"The Silmarillion" and "The Lord of The Rings" ~ JRR Tolkien's masterpieces ~ contain so many analogies to Humanity's own saga over the long ages. Here are some examples, explained briefly, of such parallels (and please know that I'm no expert in either book, just an appreciative reader who has spent some time mulling over these elements):

The wanton and raging destruction of the Trees to fuel the aggressive expansion of Isengard and Saruman's battle plans can be the equivalent of how huge swathes of ancient forests are cleared to make way for construction as well as consumption of timber. This is also symbolic of how much damage we are inflicting on our beautiful Planet by systematically destroying Nature, as well as the dark's agenda towards an AI-based existence.

It took the various races and groups in Middle Earth to ultimately defeat the forces of darkness. They had to put aside their differences and prejudices to work together as a collective in order to achieve this goal. Similarly, we have to come together as one collective race of Earth Humans across artificial boundaries to achieve the same purpose. This issue of unity among just the awakened or spiritual population has been a serious cause of concern. It would seem that somehow, unity is somewhat elusive, no doubt due to external interferences, implants, and our distorted "nature" that is driven by fear or ego.

Everyone played a pivotal role ~ no one was too insignificant for the great mission. Each role contributed greatly to the overall success of the mission. Throughout the great mission, if any one member of the Fellowship had faltered or given up, the outcome would have been disastrous. Even Boromir, who had succumbed to the power of the One Ring, ultimately sacrificed himself to help Frodo escape ~ this little Hobbit was the one who threw the One Ring into the Fires of Mount Doom towards the end. Additionally, the formidable Ents (Tree Shepherds) also made the crucial decision to join the war by marching to Isengard, where they successfully ended Saruman's devious part in the dark agenda.

All of us have our own role to play, even if we think we have nothing worthwhile to contribute. As I like to say, every Soul counts, every iota of Light matters. An example would be the weekly meditations ~ if each awakened individual were to participate, we would have reached the critical mass at least two years ago.

The Creation of Planets came forth through the mighty Valar, through the Music of the Ainur. The Ainur were in turn borne of Eru Illuvatar. We would call Eru, "Source"; the Ainur would be the Creator Gods who manifested the Universe, Galaxies, Planets ~ all through sound frequency...."in the beginning was the word" and the word became flesh.

During the singing of the Ainulindale (Music of Ainur), Melkor produced a frequency that was out of synch, thereby creating discord and disharmony, which went on to corrupt the creation of the Cosmos. 

This parallel would be the Primary Anomaly, which was borne during Creation itself. Sometimes called a "virus", this "glitch" was known at the time of Creation, but wasn't corrected or healed simply because it was never expected to grow out of control and become the primordial source of darkness.

Melkor was the most powerful of the Ainur (Valar). He rebelled against Eru's wishes ~ he was the "fallen" ~ and was responsible for spawning darkness on Arda (Earth) as well as distorting the creations of the other Valar. Melkor was known as the first Dark Lord. Lucifer would be the equivalent of Melkor in "real" life.

Sauron was a Maia (assistant to a Valar) who also "fell". He was Melkor's chief lieutenant and he forged the Rings of Power and the One Ring to rule them all. I'm supposing that if  Melkor was Lucifer, then Sauron would be Satan.

The Numenorians initially had very long life spans and held great wisdom. They were closely aligned with the Elves, and carried high vibrations. Over time, they became more corrupted by the effects of darkness and their lives began to shorten. Their glorious civilisation culminated in tragedy as their last King became a worshipper of the dark, through Sauron, who was the second Dark Lord, succeeding Melkor. Their land, Numenor (Land of Star) sank in a Great Flood brought on by Eru when the last King waged battle against the Valar.

One word ~ Atlantis.


This next one is highly debatable. When Frodo left with Bilbo and Gandalf "into the West" ~ Valinor, the Undying Lands ~ did he ascend? After all, Valinor would be the equivalent of 5D or something heavenly. He didn't die; it was clear that he was granted passage to Valinor where he would be properly healed, and death wasn't a consequence. Valinor was the land of the Valar and Immortal Elves, and that suggests to me that Frodo "ascended".

So, Ascension....the whole purpose of why we are here.

Back to the Trees. After suffering at the hands of Saruman and his Orcs, the Trees' fate was finally reversed when the Ents fought back, putting an end to the massacre. To me, it's symbolic of Mother Nature saying "No more!" and doing what she needs to do to stop the desecration of her Trees. I don't have a direct comparison, but a very loose correlation would be the Earth Changes that are already occurring now as Mother Gaia prepares for her own Ascension, and also the terra-forming that would follow.

The Istari (Wizards) were yet another element in this mission whose help contributed to the overall achievement. Being Maiar themselves, they wielded considerable power and were sent to Middle-Earth to protect the people. Saruman was the eldest  (he later turned dark), but it was Gandalf the Grey (later, White) who played the most extensive role in helping the Fellowship in their quest.

They are like the equivalent of Ascended Masters who are involved in assisting with our liberation and transition.

And what about the Elves? They were the Elder Children of Eru Illuvatar, and many of them ~ especially those who had seen the Light of the Valar ~ were rather magical in nature, being of a higher vibrational existence compared with Men. They had fought many battles against the darkness in the ages before the times of the Fellowship in Middle Earth, and had largely withdrawn back into the West, back to Aman. To me, they would represent our Subterranean brethren, the Agarthans and Telosians.

Mind-control (or some version of it, perhaps "remote control"?) was utilised by Saruman to control King Theoden, effectively turning the latter into a voice medium for Saruman's words. Of course, here we have more sophisticated means of mind-control, conditioning and programming, which has shaped society in general.

Finally, in LOTR, the ultimate action that had to be taken was to destroy the indestructible One Ring, forged by Sauron with the purpose of controlling the world of Middle Earth. That could only happen by bringing the One Ring back to the fires from whence it was created ~ the Fires of Mount Doom.

We have the Black Stone. Unless and until this is removed from its base of power in Long Island, the effects of the anomaly will continue to pervade this part of the Cosmos, perpetuating darkness with  inauthentic and anti-Life conditions.

I'm sure there are many more parallels in both books, but I will call it a day. Perhaps when I can remember more, I'll add to this post.

Namaste and Blessings!

PS. I find that I'm unable to end this without mentioning the Great Eagles. The question that very many have asked is:
Why can't the Eagles simply take the One Ring and drop it into the Fires of Doom?

There is an obvious reason why this couldn't happen ~ the Great Eagles were very large Beings, said to be 6m tall with a 20m-wingspan. The One Ring had to be cast into the fire that was contained in a "crack" (Crack of Doom) which was at the end of a tunnel, preceded by an opening. It wasn't possible for a Being of that size to enter this tunnel, nor was it possible for the One Ring to be "dropped" from the sky as it couldn't be assessed from above ~ one had to enter the tunnel to accomplish this deed.

The most important and least obvious answer is this one I will offer ~ over the course of time, Men had fallen prey to corruption, power and greed. The recipients of the Nine Rings were completely ruled and utterly distorted by the inherent darkness of the rings, and ended up becoming Wraiths. As they were Kings of Men, these recipients were representatives of their individual kingdoms. Therefore, the consciousness of Men were inextricably merged with the Rings.  It would require Men themselves to destroy this bondage.

As Synchronicity would have it, Cobra addressed this in his recent Golden Age interview. In response to the question, "Now that the light forces have teleportation technology, are they not capable of deploying a global Cintamani grid by teleporting Cintamani stones worldwide?"

Cobra's response:
"Basically what the Light forces need is the surface humanity putting the Cintamani stones with their own energy on the surface of the planet, because what we are healing is the primary anomaly connected with the consciousness of humanity. The Light forces themselves for example the Agarthan network, and the Resistance Movement, have taken care of their own Cintamani grids long time ago and they are just fine. But what is needed is a network of Cintamani stones that is connected with humanity on the surface of the planet. Because the energy that those Cintamani stones receive needs to go to a human energy network."


  1. awesome! I've been thinking about the Lord of the Rings, too, ever since Cobra's treatise about the Black Stone, clearly seeing it as the "One Ring". And yes, it's not the Eagle's job.

    On another note, my girl friend and I saw a UFO yesterday, a golden one like one of those close to the Florida beach in that video from Steven Greer. For more than a minute, it was racing with incredible speeds up and down (into the clouds, back above the lake), left and right (from one side of the ex. volcano mountain to the other), dimming, getting much brighter again, FLASHING golden at some point. All at speeds and angles FAR away from anything of this world. My gf has also seen "The golden Ones" video before, so she voiced right away "a UFO".

    This is the 3rd unmistakable UFO I saw, and the 2nd with witness (the 1st UFO was even witnessed by dozens of us, all standing together - a UFO making a 90° turn in less than a blink of an eye then disappeared. Dozen's of "WOW"s, "What was that" and "Did you see that, too?").

    The 2nd one was here above the lake, too, flying a S curve at lightning speed, also far above mundane maneuvering capabilities.

    Excited, and grateful :)

    1. S curve? That must have been some sight! And yay!! Your gf said the "U" word ;) That's progress, yes? Thanks for writing in about your sightings, you and your gf were definitely meant to see them. Blessings

  2. yes thank you I agree, Grace, positive openings and progress indeed.

    1. Ps : I truely appreciated your publication of the Black Stone video dear friend. Know that my Google Avatar picture ( in the up left corner ) is actually representing a certain Yavanna Kement├íri :) ♥

  3. Thank you for your post on Lotr!

    1. You are most welcome :) Blessings

  4. WOW ! This resonates deep within, thank you ♥ I've always considered the Silmarillon in particular this way !

    1. You're very welcome :) I'm so glad you think the same of Silmarillion! Blessings