05 July 2017

Simulations and Glitches

BHS Mistler
I don't really know how to write this up. Maybe that's why it took me quite some time to get to it. I guess "from the beginning" would be a good place to start, and then see how it goes from there.

I was going about what I had to do, a couple of mundane daily things. Next thing I knew, I suddenly had a whole bunch of thoughts come in, with a huge realisation that left me numb for a little while. I felt like I "saw" the gist of Human history, and the overarching themes that had formed the general landscape of our long, tortured and drawn-out past. I also "saw" how the macro of this construct fractalised into the micro of our lives. But the one over-riding thing about all of this was how I FELT.

I actually felt the synthetic, inorganic construct of our "reality", almost "metallic". I could feel the cold, stark, artificial framework that made up our "world". The only word that came to me was "Simulation".

I'm not going to quote the work or philosophy of Nick Bostrum or David Chalmers, The Matrix, or even Space Odyssey. I'm just going to with my experience and what I felt. We are all aware that we are in a controlled environment ~ for want of a better term ~ that's been built around systems created by the dark. So what's the deal about my experience?

Well, for one, this awareness is no longer just intellectual to me, it's like I felt into the "master program"....again, for want of a better word.

This is going to sound so bizarre, and I won't blame you one bit. That's one of the reasons I hesitated to write about it. I will use computer programming terms, so please excuse that. It's only because that's the only way I believe I should describe it.

It's like there's this massive Main Program with countless subroutines (little programs). Depending upon what parameters are fed into the program, certain subroutines will be called up, thereby producing a certain result. (And omigoddess, as I'm typing this I'm having a huge surge of deja vu....) Although there are many different sets of "results", ultimately you can categorise them into a finite number of states. It's a simulation.

What I saw on a macro scale was our real history ~ each cycle or phase was some iteration of this master program. They say that history repeats itself, and for the first time, I understand why. Over and over again, throughout the long years, events are created that are just different versions being churned out of the same master program. The parameters fed in and the subroutines called up are different enough to provide "variety", but ultimately, it's the same master program producing a limited set of possibilities. Just look at where we are now ~ many sources have told us that it's like the end-times of Atlantis.

Then there's the micro level. This would be our individual lives. If we look at our own lives, it's easy to recognise the patterns that seemingly govern them, especially when it comes to relationships (that's the big one, obviously). We see iterations playing out over and over again in many aspects of our lives. Sometimes there are generational cross-overs, but the patterns are recognisable.

There has been no real evolution over the ages. There can't be, as long as the simulation program itself hasn't changed sufficiently to allow for a big enough deviation from the base requirements. It's like there's no computer coding to allow for evolution.

We've heard several times of sources comparing the Great Shift to a change in operating system. That may have been a metaphor, but I'm beginning to understand how accurate it really is.

Maybe that's why the system has mainly been so successful for so long and external assistance has largely been damage control. The simulation cannot be hacked from outside the system. You can only hack the simulation from within, by getting into the software itself and changing it, or corrupting it, or even inserting a virus into it to kill it off.

Nevertheless, like almost all software, there have been glitches in the master program as well as the subroutines, but I'm guessing they are fixed and patched up quite well. However, the glitches are becoming more regular and harder to fix. It's like we can write and delete from the same USB drive only a certain number of times before it degrades. And most importantly, and this is something that's just come to me as I'm typing.......WE ARE ALSO THE GLITCHES.

Each one of us who are awakened is a glitch to the simulation. Each time someone becomes more aware and steps into their own Sovereignty, it's a glitch to the system. This is how we can bring it down.

In spite of all this (and much much more), Mother Gaia has tried so hard to nourish and nurture organic Life. It's like she's fighting against this simulation by generating Nature energies that keep the Planet beautiful and sustain Life as much as possible. No wonder connecting with her energies and being in Nature is so important for us ~ she is the organic element in this synthetic simulation.

I don't know if what I experienced is actually real, or just my mind making an analogy look and feel real. I truly don't know. What I do know is that my experience felt so real that for that brief moment, I could identify what I was feeling into as a master program, and I felt the utter helplessness of being inside an artificial simulation. It wasn't something that I would like to experience ever again.

I like using the term "Cosmic Reset" to describe what we are belatedly but thankfully and gratefully going through. In the context of what I've written, Sandra Walter's "Universal Re-write" is spot on. Both terms certainly take on a new meaning for me now.

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