05 July 2017

Supporting Sophia-Gaia ~ Elaine Degiorgio ~ 1 July 2017

Now and then, and sometimes constantly, we need a reminder to get us through the next step. A dear friend sent this and I really like the message ~ very nicely summarised, too. I believe the message is also referring to the Light Pillars (perhaps Atvor?).

Source: Elaine Degiorgio

If you read this message it is no coincidence as it holds a very specific frequency that attracts energetic resonance of Galactic Seeds. This Sun system have entered a powerful zone of energetic height and these turbulences requires assistance from the STARs Beings of this Galaxy, your call them by planetary names, they have gathered to support Gaia with grounding Electrical beams into her core assisted by the galactic seeds. And many starseed families, who souls originated from the many star systems of the ‘Milky Way’ are also experiencing uploads of “light codes” and symbols to guide them as to what their next step might be.

Here, it may be necessary to clarify the “nature of support” that both galactic and star seeds provides to Gaia.

While the majority of these starseeds is part of the “galactic federation” within the 5D, Star families souls are the largest ground force that agreed to participate incarnate during this time in the human evolution to ascension or HU-man 2.0. This is done by incorporating mixing their unique star DNA with the genetic human template that was once artificially tempered with eons ago. They are the Network-grid of light force for transformation by lifting up all the “veils” put upon Gaia Divine Goddess. This can only be achieved through the principle of Universal laws of creation by maintaining the Cosmic Sovereignty for all. They come within the many color or “Rays of light” that best fit their soul’s evolution-expression and purpose when embodied; they are healers, shamans, mystics, and are highly creative in all sciences, techniques and expression of Arts. When fully reawaken these starseeds often act as channels for their 5D family always gravitating towards spiritual knowledge. They refer to themselves as the ancient’s ones or civilizations like Lumeria - Mu and Atlantis. Indeed these star families were involved in the Earth’s Story. We acknowledge that for many starseeds the Journey to reawakening has been very challenging and their psyche have endured great suffering, yet their HEART and Love for Gaia’s endured.

The galactic seeds are very much lesser in number for their energetic signatures are vast. These Galactic seeds of part of “consciousness” that originated from other galaxies and have taken physicality within this realm of illusion. Some may take many “human forms” at once. Their main purpose is to work directly with Gaia’s planetary core and grid system. They are the Galactic Umbilical cord and act as Teachers –they bridge between galaxies because they possessed within their DNA galactic knowledge from the Source. They choose to serve as “open stargate” and Ankh-ors for downloads of Cosmic Rays of Light - codes – These upgrades support in maintaining the harmony and balance within this galaxy. Galactic seeds have an Electrical signature to them; they incarnate as “Free souls” fully activated and awake with galactic wisdom. Like the starseeds, they come within the frequencies or Rays of light that best fit their galactic cosmic expression. The main purpose for them is NEW GAIA Energetic frequency that will sustain all creations and life. They are esoteric Alchemist teachers, healers, shamans, mystics or magicians of “modern times” and can best express their Light expression in the realm of Cosmos, the Animals kingdom and Nature, Gaia’s ways to Nurture these unique beings. While on their journey, they struggled most with “assimilation” “association” to fit any soul groups or star family including the human one. They are aware of their incarnated "aspects" in other timelines for they are indeed lone space/time travelers.

Their journey can be summarized by the Taro/Ta-ruth(Truth) numbers 5-6-7-8-11; Lovers, Hierophant, Chariots, Justice and Strength. Hierophant, the “one who teaches/reveals the Sacred Light – the expounder of esoteric doctrines that embodies the Archetypes of creation to HU-manity through the Sacred(Hiero) Union(lovers) – male/female “Hieros Gamos” with Solar Divine Justice and Strength. A Bridger of the “Active world to the Archetypal world” “Heaven and Earth” “Sun and Moon” “Masculine Feminine”, The Sophia Goddess as “guide of souls” flying with the Chariots of Light-Mer ka ba.

No matter what “seed” you are, Sophia-Gaia IS the STAR-BEING continuously healing and adjusting her frequencies from the Solar gate, and with the assistance of cosmic alignments as opportunities to regain her Freedom. She only requests your LOVE and support as her STRENGTH grows more each cycle – keeping at HEART/CORE the vision to bring all LIFE forms of divine creation back within the universal laws, as ONE-union by of divine Justice.

Again, the path to your own wisdom and truth are unique to you, we remind you to always use your discernment and allow in only the information that resonates with your own heart. We are in deep and humble gratitude to you all. As Above, so Below, from Within so Without, and so ALL IS ONE

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