05 July 2017

The Coast is Clear / The Sound of Oneness, the Sound of Creation! ~ John Ross & Katelon Jeffereys ~ 4 July 2017

By Katelon T Jeffereys
I'm posting these two messages together because they are related.

As John Ross has pointed out in his message, their first attempts in 2015 did not succeed (I posted several of their updates at that time). We all want this latest session to manifest successfully, so let's keep that intention in our hearts as we read their updates.

Source: Freedom4Humanity (John Ross)

Katelon and I began the work of shifting humanity’s shared timeline using daily sessions in the fall of 2014, nearly three years ago. Our first attempts with about nine months of daily sessions targeted the surrender of the secret world government. These sessions, which ended in July 2015, did not succeed but formed a spiritual partnership supporting our ongoing attempts that began last fall in November of 2016. Aside from a two day holiday I took following the June solstice a couple of weeks ago, we have worked together every day since then, over seven months in total.

We have had a lot more success this time around in large measure because of two major shifts. We are no longer asking for the dark’s cooperation or for their surrender; and it is time. Quite simply, it is time for the shift; perhaps well past time.

Katelon sometimes refers to herself as the coal mine canary because the dark has targeted her demise throughout this seven month stint. Layer upon layer of dark interference and malevolence has been uncovered as they would attack Katelon; and with the help of the Light’s resources, often made available through me, the attackers would be defeated and their capabilities would be taken from them.

Time travelling has been the dark’s ace in the hole. The human secret government developed time travelling capabilities in the 1950s and 60s based on Tesla’s science and reverse engineering of technologies discovered in downed ET spaceships such as the one shot down in Roswell, New Mexico in 1947. We discovered they were using these technologies to loop time and bypass Katelon’s recently installed defences. Once we understood this technique we successfully petitioned the Light to end these time travelling abuses and the human led attacks that targeted Katelon’s death through heart failure were ended in February or March of this year.

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Source: Empower and Balance

I wanted to share an amazing experience I had on June 8th. First I’ll share what led up to it, so please read to the end 😊

I haven’t written about it sooner, or written any posts, because in the last several weeks, and months, I’ve been under so many attacks by the dark Galactic Forces, and other dark beings, that it was too dangerous to do so. My health had gotten very precarious. As long time readers know, I’ve been fighting this original dark, the Dark Galactic Forces, since its inception millions and millions of years ago and they are not a fan of me 😊  My spiritual work partner, John Ross, and I, have received word that they are finally neutralized, so now I can share my awesome experience. John has written a post about the dark Galactic Force and the link to that post is at the bottom of this post. There are still some RKM members left on the planet and their machinery still hums on but soon with the Shift into the Light, it will be shut down for good. The last few remaining rogue dark beings out in creation will be neutralized at some point, too.

So on with my story… I do a daily walk each day and as much as possible, I do that walk before John and I begin our joint session. It is a time I use to do a session alone, to focus on the healing work I do daily for past clients, family, friends, and all of humanity and the planet, along with opening to any guidance or information that I can then take into the session and share with John. We get together and share our information, discuss it and then set a plan for that day’s session.
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