12 July 2017

The Great Full Moon Shakdown: Releasing Unwanted Chaos ~ Lisa Rising Berry ~ 11 July 2017

Source: Rising Frequencies

I have to say that this is the most powerful full moon I have ever felt, and the reason is obvious.  All of my articles, especially the most recent ones have been leading up to this shift of the moon.  We have seen and felt the shifting of the planet via the sun’s energy and other forces at work.  Now it is the moon’s turn.  

I don’t know anyone that doesn’t have some kind of unusual chaos going on in their lives right now.  I know that some people thrive on chaos, and they always are having some kind of issue to deal with, but this energy is different.  I don’t live this way, nor do my closest friends, and we have been dealing with the great shake down full force.  LOL…

The energy of the moon is changing and this is bringing unwanted energy into our realm of existence.  Since 7/10/17, I have been in a state of constant protection and transmutation mode.  I have never felt so much junk being released from the moon.  I am so thankful for the ancient practices I do.  Since I can’t live in my meditation/shrine room until the dusts settles, I have to do my practices the best I can while doing my normal day to day activities.  I have, however, had to completely stop and go into a formal practice, or I would be overcome with this chaos energy.  Since, I have been out of town so much recently, I am very busy, and this is a challenging time for me.  I am really learning how to do alchemy while taking care of my 3D life, and I am becoming quite adept at it.  There is nothing like being thrown into the thick of chaos to teach you.  It’s sink or swim…I chose to swim, and I really like challenges.  

On the night of the full moon, I decided to go out and look at it.  I love the full moons, but I don’t always make a point to go out and gaze.  But for some reason, I felt that this moon was different.   With all the energy work being done with the moon, my inner intuition told me I would see something interesting.  I really felt this was my monkey mind/ego telling me this, and I actually laughed at the thought of seeing something different.  All full moons look the same right?  NOPE!  Not this one.  When I went outside, it looked the same at first.  Then I saw a small flash of light come from the moon…whoa…I have never seen that before.  Ok…now, I am interested.  As I looked at the moon I saw a extra faint white energy at the bottom of the moon.  It made it sort of look like an egg.  I really figured it was my eyes.  I would blink to see if it would change, it did not.  Then I saw something that I never thought I would see.  I saw the moon moving from side to side and up and down.  I was shocked, and I still thought my eyes where playing tricks on me.  I made sure my feet where planted firmly and that I was not moving.  I would look at other objects, and they where not moving.  When I look at the Moon….it is moving.  It is doing a shake dance. I didn’t know what it was, but I knew time would tell.  If I am nuts, then nothing will come from it.  If not, then I will know what this movement is. 
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