09 July 2017

The Secret of the Bosnian Pyramids – Our Multi-Galactic Heritage ~ Judy Satori and Lauren Galey ~ 28 June 2017

Bosnia Pyramids Tour
This is yet another engaging session with Judy Satori and Lauren Galey, with information that's not widely made known to the public. The connections between Amenti and the Pyramid of the Sun, La St Baume, and likely many other sacred sites worldwide, make so much sense.

Description provided:
In May this year, Judy Satori was invited to speak at a conference held at the Bosnian Pyramids in Visoko, Bosnia. In 2005 what was thought to be a large pyramidal shaped hill was discovered by Bosnian archeologist Dr. Semir Osmanigich to be a man-made pyramid. It had been covered over with thousands of years of soil, debris and afforestation and appeared as a creation of nature. However, concrete casing blocks sheathing the hill were subsequently discovered to be man-made.

Please listen to the audio here.

The BIH Lover

The BIH Love

Some notes:
  • Pyramid complex comprises Pyramids of the Sun, Moon, Love, Dragon and Earth
  • Leaf fossil found carbon-dated to 29,000 years
  • Perfect equilateral triangle formed by Pyramids of Sun, Moon and Dragon
  • Aligned perfectly with 4 Cardinal Points
  • Life force energy optimal at 8000 units on Bovis Scale; tunnel underneath the Sun Pyramid was measured at 40,000 units
  • Rune-like marking on stone panel at plateau of Pyramid of the Sun ~ "The Gateway is closed / We are at a standstill / We will have to act as warriors / To defend and conquer / Until we can move again through the Stargate
  • "Something" is being awakened in 2017, the 13th year after Dr Semir discovered the Pyramids in 2005
  • Lake found under this Pyramid is connected to Amenti; its water is very pure
  • La St Baume also connected to Amenti
  • Energy coming out of apex gets stronger the further it reaches upwards; this suggests that the energy source is from "above"
  • "As above, so below" ~ energies being received from Amenti as well as from above
  • 2013~ Aldebaran Stargate opened and more powerful energies starting entering the Galaxy
  • January 2017 ~ new spectrum of even more potent energies from Great Central Sun
  • Judy and some others activated the Pyramid in May 2017, enabling it to receive even more energies
  • Pyramid is an antenna, receiver, transmitter, generator
  • What's the secret of the Pyramid? The Human Body is like the Pyramid, receiving energies from both Amenti and Heart Centre of the 22 Galaxies; we are compressed in between, which facilitates the releasing karmic miasmic patterning
  • Pyramid energies can regenerate body and switch on DNA memorys; Judy attests to the powerful energies of the Pyramid 
  • This powerhouse of energies will help Planet switch on to her own destiny and activate the Truth within human DNA, even without us having to be there
  • Other sacred sites are being discovered for the very same purpose
  • The pyramid is a special shape ~ the Lyran Stargate (as described in "Sunshine Before the Dawn") is a pyramid
  • Pyramids are marker points in Time, they are about our transformation and guide-points left behind for us
  • Energies coming in will continue to intensify over next 17 years (2023), after which the rate of intensification will slow down
  • "It's time to go back through the Stargate" Time to reconnect back with Source, time to go  through our physical Ascension, in-body
  • Since only 10% of tunnels have been excavated, there's still so much more of the Ancient legacy that has yet to be revealed
  • These energies are working on us at much deeper leveels, down to cellular level
  • When we flood ourselves with frequencies of Joy (much higher than Love), we become like the Pyramid powerhouse
  • Lauren mentions the Schumann Resonance, which has been spiking frequently since this year. She suggests that existing instruments may not be able to properly pick up the amplified frequencies from these new energies (exactly what I've been saying, too!)
  • Energy transmissions follow (1:04:44-hour)
  • Two "Earths" - there will be two separate vibratory states, but Judy doesn't know how this will happen
  • Pyramid of Dragon is like a fulcrum point that will tip us into Magic, like the Magi.
**Note: To dissolve negative or low-vibrational energies like anxiety, fear etc, do this:
Place hands over Heart Chakra, recreate that feeling and say, "This energy of _____ is not mine. I dissolve it with Love, now and forever."

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