05 July 2017

Tower To The People ~ Tesla's Dream at Wardenclyffe Continues

I wasn't aware that this tragedy occurred on 4th July. This looks like a good documentary, but from the short excerpt it would seem that the makers are not aware of the dark control and agenda against Tesla and Free Energy. And the double tragedy of it ~ the Tower was built on Long Island!

Thank you to Kiko Peres for posting this.

Source: Fragments From Oympus ~ The Vision Of Nikola Tesla

100 YEARS AGO TODAY: July 4, 1917

The July 4th holiday brings with it a sad anniversary. On this day in 1917, the sound of explosions were heard in Shoreham NY. Sadly, these were not celebratory fireworks. They were explosive charges detonated to destroy Nikola Tesla's tower at Wardenclyffe. With its collapse came the destruction of a dream, one intended to help the whole world.
In memory of this tragic day for humanity, we’ve posted this excerpt from “Tower to the People” featuring Nikola Tesla’s grand-nephew William Terbo, and esteemed Tesla Biographer Marc Seifer.

(Video excerpt from "Tower to the People" follows.)

(If you can't access this page, you can view the trailer here at Vimeo.)

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