03 July 2017

Transcript ~ Goldfish Report No.100: Uniting the Light ~ Cobra and Kauilapele with Louisa and Steve ~ 13 June 2017

** Update: I've copied over some extracts from this interview ~ there are several key points and important reminders from Cobra. **

The transcript is now available for downloading here:


Some extracts from the transcript:

Ok, we are now actually in the final phase of the Galactic Proxy war between the Light forces and the Dark forces, and of course the Dark forces are not happy because the awakening process is our strongest point in that liberation process… and that’s why they are trying to spread as much dis-info as possible and to weaken (us) in various ways and I think the perception of  most people in this community is not exactly aligned with the reality, I will just explain…most people think that only physical agents infiltrated in the movement, that’s far from the truth… what is much more effective is the non-physical influence upon people who are actually working for the Light but their weaknesses are pressured by the non-physical in-fluence and by scalar technology and they react. Their weaknesses are being exploited and situations are being engineered, and we are right now experiencing more major drama in this area. I think, I hope everybody is aware of that, and the key here is to be aware that we are being played, all of us. The weaknesses of everybody are being exploited in a way that is not beneficial for the community…so if you are aware of that and we refrain from reacting, from being triggered publicly, at least, by the situation, the whole community can benefit and learn from the mistakes that have been done in the past.

....people that are in key positions are being targeted extremely right now, because the dark forces have a certain interest to engineer their reaction in a way that will serve their agenda.

....there are two levels here, there is the personal level, when you are personally attacked and of course there are many techniques of protection, there are many approaches, one of them is to spend some time in nature. Second one is to do something that helps you to raise your vibration, there are various techniques, there are technologies, anti-scalar devices

Actually, going within; it can happen on various levels. The first one that is most important is your connection with your own Higher Self, your Soul, that is crucial in the times we are living in…because the connection with your Higher self will basically save you, it can give you protection, it can give you guidance, it can give you the next step for what you need to do in any particular situation and discernment emerges from connecting with your higher self, combining with your intuition and a trained mind. A trained mind means a mind that is educated, that is thinking, that is comparing, analysing, knowing, thinking with your own head, combined with your own intuition and with your own higher self-connection, that’s quite close to discernment.

....far beyond that, we are multidimensional, exactly, after you are awakened, you cannot have a 3D conversation anymore, because you’ll always see things from a different perspective.

(In response to question about being stuck with unresolved issues after The Event)....we will not get stuck, the energies will be so strong that everything that will try to be hidden before the event, will come out. So, we will have to deal with it one way or the other, luckily there will be much support, there will be light forces on the surface of the planet that will help the masses to go through the process, because people will go through the process

...the solar flash is one aspect, actually the solar flash is one sub-aspect of the Galactic super wave, so the Sun gets activated when the Galactic Central Sun gets activated, and when the Galactic Central Sun gets activated it activates our physical Sun and both combined activate the planet Earth, they activate…it’s a very strong wave of energies, not just physical, not just energetic. So, all planes of creation, so there is a certain shockwave that will reach the planet and that will be the end of the darkness, that will trigger the mass arrests, that will trigger the financial reset, that will trigger disclosure, so is part of the same process.

Our Galaxy is actually a network, it’s a living network and each sun is a living being, an Angel and they are all interconnected in consciousness, so, when the Galactic Sun gets active, it’s like a heartbeat it’s like pulse that goes through the whole galactic organism.

....scalar is actually…that’s physical technology and if you have very strong mind over matter consciousness, yes, you can deflect them, otherwise there are other things you can do, I have mentioned going in the nature and going nearby sources of water because that will…that tends to dissipate scalar waves

....the surface population, the awakened part of the surface population, one small percentage of them is sending their ideas, thoughts, emotions, protection, to the Galactic Forces of Light and they are listening. We have a major problem here, the major problem is the topplet bombs, and this is the reason why the Pleiadeans and other beings of Light cannot interfere more directly at the moment and is very painful for them to be aware of the amount of suffering happening right now and not being able to interfere directly, at this moment, they would like to but that would be probably the end of this Planet and the end of life on this Planet, because the Chimera group would destroy the surface of the planet. Is that simple. And this is why they appear not to be responding, they are responding but they need to respond in a way that will not trigger the craziness of the controlling forces. This is the issue here.  (31:00)

....actually all the living beings in the Galaxy have their own denial mechanisms to a certain degree, also the light forces were making mistakes in the past, humanity made mistakes in the past and nobody was able to deal with this directly, nobody was facing this one hundred percent in the past. Ok, one problem with the Pleiadeans was that they are very peaceful beings and they were not prepared to intervene directly in war like situations. So, this was a little bit of an issue before, it’s not an issue anymore, but still, we are in a very complex situation and the complete understanding of what’s going on is emerging (in) the last few years. It was not known before, nobody has imagined the strength of the chimera group, and now, that we are dealing with them, quite successfully, we can see the full effect of what’s going on…and this is one of the reasons why is taking so long and, again, the other reason being the lack of team spirit among the, I would say, more awaken part of the human population. I think any other segment of the human society has demonstrated more team work, team spirit than the awaken community. So, this is one reason, from our perspective, which is the human surface population perspective, this is something that could be changed and could speed up the process.

…(human) capability to adapt to any new information, given time and a little bit of support, so I think that if people can survive divorce, if they can survive the death of their parents, it’s much easier for them to survive disclosure. So, I will not put that much attention in that fear scenario, off course, there will be people disturbed, there will be people that will commit suicide, but at the same time, when the Event happens 200,000 lives per day will be saved, because people will stop dying of hunger. That is just one aspect of it. And off course, there are many more(aspects). I would say disclosure is human basic right, it is also…without disclosure there can’t be proper spiritual growth on this planet, we have hit a wall and we have to smash that wall. 

The reason for that is because the Cabal is still controlling the narrative. The Light Forces can do just a certain amount of disclosure without triggering the retaliation mechanism but when the Cabal is gone, when we have control over the media, … you know, every major news agency has files of computers that will be released, they are being prepared, just, you know, there is actually a certain specific computer virus in main frame computers of all news agencies to be released and suddenly you have the internet, the mass media will be flooded with disclosure and nobody will be able to stop that. 

....from my perspective, the whole thing about Antarctica is overhyped, is not as important as some people think. It is a continent …it is true that because of the remoteness many things have been preserved under the ice and they will be disclosed, but so have been preserved things on the floor of the oceans and they will be disclosed also. So, I would not put so much attention on the Antarctica story, from my perspective is not that important.

(About Pyramids near Long Island) ....those pyramids were built long time ago, when that area was above the water level and now the Light Forces are using that particular area to counteract to a certain degree the negativity coming from the Long Island facilities like the Collider, the Cloning facility and other things that are happening there.

....there are already certain Cintamani stones in Hawaii already and usually number one is to have your own personal stone because when the Event happens that stone will help you to shield  the energies that will be quite strong, and then, off course, when you can have your personal stone, you can think about assisting in positioning the stones wherever you feel guided …and usually is good for people of course be part of the group effort, part of the coordinated project but is also important for people to use their own guidance, to put the stones where they feel guided to put them.

Basically, the reunification of the soul families will happen after the event, but now we are in a phase where we can at least begin with the teamwork part of this equation. As you’ve said, we need to create a lifeform, a strong lifeform that will be the force that will smash the wall that is encircling us. we need to do this prison break, it is called

....there is a huge amount of ships around the planet right now and they will decloaked after the Event, gradually

....the Cabal wants to escape and some of them are escaping through…I would say, Schell underground base in Antarctica and there is some clearing taking place, so is a little bit of a conflict lately there, when some of those places have been cleared. The Chimera group is trying to protect the Cabal there as much as possible but they are not very successful.

(About building a new Cern).... they are trying to but this will take some time and I think the Event will over-take them, they will not be successful in that.

Yes, off course, replicators, I would not call them replicators, but people know them in that name, those things will be present after the event and it will be very easy to materialise or manifest anything with that technology, so this will be basically the end of scarcity.....it will be the beginning of the abundance for humanity and this will ultimately make the financial system to became obsolete, gradually

The real reason why the food is being modified is they are weaponizing the food to control the population, keep people ill, keep people dependent on pharmaceuticals, keep their vibrational frequency low, that is basically what is going on

....the Earth is not flat

(About the Etheric Liberation Meditation on 26 February 2017) I realised maybe one or two hours before that something new is happening, I received some unusual Intel, I usually don’t receive in such a way, for the first time. And then I recived the intel that we are reaching the critical mass and I was just excited because I knew that this will change a lot, and it did change a lot. 

.....is not doing those meditations more often, is about doing them when they are released, because this is released by the resistance movement, they know the exact time and the exact conditions, and when they say let’s do it, is good for people to unite and do it and I know many people who could support this and are not supporting this and they are the ones who are actually, in a way, not supporting the progress , not supporting the planetary liberation the way they should because they understand the importance of this, and they for some personal reasons, they choose not to support it. It is not Cobra doing the meditation, it’s not Cobra’s meditation, it’s a global, planetary effort that is been guided from above, from the Light Forces that understand the situation more than you or me or anybody else on the planet.  .....each time we reach the critical mass, we change the timeline, we accelerate the timeline, we make it easier… 

....why the Cabal is so powerful is because they know, they understand the power of teamwork even the Rothchild's, the Rockefeller’s and the Jesuits and all that…they do it together, even if they hate each other, they do it together, but not like at this scene of the so-called ‘Light’ side, all those factions are not in-fighting 

(From Steve)....even in this lifetime, but I think there is something we have to ask ourselves why is there this infighting going on? And my answer, when I think about it, something I call the Ego trap, we have to ask ourselves why we’re doing this work? Is it to please ourselves, is it to gain attention, or is it to help others? And I think some people are slightly misguided, and they are all maybe caught in the trap in that they want attention. There is no reason to fight with somebody else…or to believe that somebody else’s information is better than mine unless you are driven by the ego, so, I think some people may need to avoid thinking about themselves when they’re doing their work and trying to gather groups and things together and may be just think of the greater good, and then, there will be no…nobody is gonna step on your toes  because it just won't be possible. 

.....people are putting too much attention on the personality of somebody, somebody said that somebody did that. It’s not important, What is more, important is objective study of the Intel that is released. Compare it, analyse it, study it, feel it, expand it, this is what is needed in this community.

yes, to find the balance and I would say, what I’m missing here, in this community is people who are having blogs to start creating an objective analysis of Intel that is out there. To start comparing things, analysing, coming to the bottom of it, one way or the other…people have different methods to do that but this is what is needed. I am speaking about the perception of the whole community.

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