09 August 2017

101 Cintamani Locations ✡️ New Atlantis World Tour ~ Arbre Solaire ~ 8 August 2017

Another video by Arbre Solaire, this one showing Cintamani locations. There's no doubt this chap makes heart-connected videos :)

Here's the description provided for the video:

Published on Aug 8, 2017
This video is a tribute to the Lightworkers participating in the Cintamani Grid project worldwide. Cintamani grid around the planet is one of the major tools for manifesting the Planetary Light Grid and the New Atlantean Society on Earth :



New Atlantis is a post-Event project that is already ongoing for millennia. The Ascended Master Saint Germain is one of the main beings working on this project. He has revealed parts of this project to humanity in his incarnation as Francis Bacon in a novel called New Atlantis, where he described an utopian society based on meritocracy :


Anybody can take part to this project and assist the Lightforces. I felt invited to pay tribute to a selected number of Cintamani expeditions, thus editing this video. My gratitude goes to all the bright souls who shared with me their personal adventures.

Their kindness & spontaneous assistance touched me deeply, so I've decided to invest a substantial amount of money in acquiring new video editing software(s!). Some of the photos are pure magic and this couldn't be honored properly with a basic video software. This investment put me in a delicate financial situation but I could not imagine a Lower quality support for your Higher accomplishments.

You are worth it, you fine people ♥

Please note that I have the approval of every person appearing in the video. Some names of locations were intentionally withdrawn. I could not use all the pictures sent to me but you still can send the photos from your Cintamani Trips at this address ( who knows, I may plan another video in the near future ) :


This video is a personal initiative introducing collective accomplishments. It is my most ambitious video project so far and it took a lot of time, energy and exchanges. I received no subvention, I used my own money because I felt it was the right thing to do. That's why I'm also adding a link to my paypal account. Those of you who appreciate my work and want to support me are welcome - thank you :)


Every picture / video was sent by a fellow lightworker - with very few exceptions. I recommand that you watch this video in HD quality to fully admire 'your' wonders. Special thanks to Jonathan Carthy ( truthearth.org ) who advised me on what software I should choose.

This video is entirely dedicated to the LightWorker Comm-Unity on this 08/08 Lion's Gate Peak ♥ I had a lot of fun doing it !

Merci à tous !

Arbre Solaire


* Brothers - FullMetal Alchemist
* Manoia Cathedral Remix - Chrono Cross
* Suil a Ruin - Ronan Hardiman
* Last Night Of Our Lives - Manse feat. Niclas Lundin
* Time Keepers - Future World Music


* StarGate Atlantis
* Astronexus.com
* Daniel Brown CGI
* Uncharted 2 - Gates of Shambala
* Zoom Earth Out
* Transfigurations Youtube Channel

TRIUMPH of the Light !

Ps : there are copyrights on some musics which block the video if you watch from a smart phone or an I-pad. From a regular computer it should work.

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