06 August 2017

666: Sun Symbol ~ Jain 108 Mathemagics ~ 3 August 2017

I've read/heard quite a number of times from various sources that "666" is the number for Earth Humans.

What cannot be missed is also the fact that Carbon-6 has two allotropes ~ graphite and diamond. Our current template is carbon-based, and our Ascension process takes us through a transfiguration into a crystalline-based (diamond) biological vessel. Just can't beat the Divine Plan.....

Source: Jain 108 Mathemagics

C=666: Sun Symbol

666 is actually a symbol for the Light, its mystical association is that it acts as a portal through the Sun meaning it's a Solar Energy.

The ancients believed that the Sun, like the Earth, and like an Apple, is a Torus, it has a  North In and a South Pole Out, and to go through to another world, you simply did the Icarius-myth ritual of trying to fly into the Sun.

In fact, the Icarius story is a warning not to do this.

But They dont want you to know this, that you can access other dimensions, other worlds,
so They did the Bad Press on the Sun and associated Fear to the value of 666, so you dont go there, you dismiss it. (Just like the 5 pointed star which is tainted as evil, as the stuff of witches, yet every protein in your body is a Pentacle!).

Another associated symbol for the Sun is the Hindu Swaztika or Spinning Wheel of Life,
again, another bastardized symbol, to keep you ignorant.

Just recognize that the Sun, 666 and the Swaztika, are life-giving energies, and learn to fear nothing except fear itself.

Jain 108

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