19 August 2017

Crop Circle at Sutton Hall, Nr Rochford, Essex ~ Crop Circle Connector ~ 17 August 2017

Crop Circle Connector
This Crop Circle made me go blank for a nanosecond eternity.

This is just my opinion, but the formation made me think of the upcoming Total Solar Eclipse, and all the enhanced and upgraded DNA codes and activations that will be streaming onto our Planetary surface. It's like we're going to be receiving the key to our DNA "lock".


  1. WOW - ubiquitous goose bumps for a macro-hour eternity here .. ;)

    I've been following the interpretations over at Crop Circle Connector of all the geometry lately, alluding towards the eclipse, but to me this one is the most obvious so far.

    They were playing Yahtzee with us, letting us brood, ponder, speculate, and TA-DAA- here is the treat - YOU WERE RIGHT, the eclipse is an event of cosmic proportions. Well done, CCC nerds.

  2. This is also a key-like symbol. I see 3 strands of DNA. The DNA codes adding/ unlocking a 3rd strand? Way cool.

    1. Way cool, indeed! And yes, agree about the 3rd strand ;) Blessings

  3. Bonjour Grace, J'ai eu, moi aussi, la même impression que toi ... et j'ai eu un "vide d'une éternité à la nanoseconde" tout comme toi ... ;-)

    1. Nous sommes tous adaptés à la fréquence du CC .... woohoo !!
      (I used google translate....)

      We are all tuning in to the CC's frequency....woohoo!! Blessings :)

  4. I dont get the eclipsoid interpretation...
    A solar eclipse geometry is basically equal radii with variable concentricity
    These circles are of non-concentric circles of different radii
    An eclipse cannot be formed with them