03 August 2017

Decree for Release of Atlantean Karma and Etheric Protections ~ Tim Whild ~ 2 August 2017

Many Souls incarnate on Earth right now have energetic bonds or connections with Atlantis, some of which are quite traumatic or perhaps even negative. This Soul Revocation from Tim Whild may prove beneficial to dissolve the attachments and heal the past.

Source: Tim Whild

Decree for Release of Atlantean Karma and Etheric Protections.

With the powerful nature of the current energies we are all being given the opportunity to release our past cords, bindings and attachments so that we may walk fully in the Light.

Many of the souls serving Earth now have had numerous lives in Atlantis over the 260,000 years that it existed, and many events occurred that are stored within the etheric body also known as the four-body system.

When these past life energies resurface they can be presented in any forms such as situations, people or patterns that deliberately ‘lower’ our light and create periods of deep transformation and learning. It is important to recognise these periods for what they truly are before honouring them and moving on.

In some circumstances these tests or initiations can go on a little longer than they were originally intended. This may often be because there are other souls who are party to the agreement who are not yet ready to let go of the attachment and this creates a bond that can be quite draining for all involved.

As Walking Masters we are required to manage our own energy space with diligence and ensure that we are free to work our ascension magic with our Soul’s full potential.
Very recently I have encountered obstacles of my own and with the assistance of my Soul Brother Birkan Tore have created a decree to dissolve energy attachments or bindings that we are now ready to release. Birkan is the creator of the fabulous Atlantean Healing system and you can visit his site here -

This decree is very powerful and I recommend that it is spoken aloud, facing the East at sunrise. Speak with authority and repeat 3 times before concluding with “It is Done”.

Decree (spoken aloud).
“I (name) call forth to my Monad, my Soul Sparks and to my Soul Family both past and present, living and future.

I call forth to the Angels of Atlantis, the Dragon Forces and to the Intergalactic Board of Karma.

In the name of the Light I now invoke the Law of One. 

I now completely rescind any vows, attachments, agreements or contracts that I or any other version of myself has made, in any form and in any time or parallel reality.

I command the full and utter removal of all energies that have been sent to me from a point of ego, be they intentional, unintentional or accidental. I invoke Archangel Gabriel’s Diamond of Purity to be place around me day and night.

I call for the complete dissolving of any false creations or versions of myself that have been formed from third-dimensional projection, fantasy or illusion. I call back all of the energy that belongs to me as a sovereign being of the Light. 

I now fully invoke my Atlantean Master Blueprint to be brought forth from the Halls of Amenti.

I claim my freedom to work at the highest level possible for the Earth, humanity and the ascension process. 

As Within, So Without.
As Above, So Below.”

(Repeat x 3)

“It is done” (Repeat once).

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