07 August 2017


We've entered a very high-energy, volatile and powerful period with huge potential. And just like clockwork, interference has also amped up.

Remember to stay connected with your Divinity, remain centred, and disallow all distractions that come into your field to pull you off-course. The interference are like pesky annoying mosquitoes that threaten to consume all our time and energy as we try to deal with the critters, hunting down something that stay well-hidden and move too fast for our eyes. Best to dig deep into our spiritual toolkit and pull out the appropriate spiritual bug spray to send them on their way :)

Now may be a good to revisit those Soul Revocations. There are many for us to choose from, depending on what we resonate with. I've posted some here, as well as featured two (from Cobra/Untwine and Mary Jane Banks) on the right panel of the blog.

Stand tall in your Sovereignty, breathe in your True Essence, stay true to your course.

And shine that dazzling Light of yours like never before :)

Namaste and Blessings!

PS....And time has accelerated even more!!

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