05 August 2017

Gaia Portal: Fortifications Have Been Removed: An Interpretation ~ Disclosure News Italia ~ 3 August 2017

"Ancient houses" may also possibly refer to the "royal" bloodlines, families or structures of the dark that have been in control (for far too long).

Source: Disclosure News Italia

Fortifications Have Been Removed From All Higher Energy Realms

We could interpret this difficult sentence starting with the Fortifications. It could be assumed that, in order to avoid the attacks of the Dark Forces, the Realms of Higher Energy have put in place some protections.

We’d like to think at these protections as forms of Energy, a kind of Veil of Light, that can protect them from the Dark Forces but, unfortunately, also blocks the Energy of the Light from the Surface Population.

The Realms of Higher Energy might be the Higher Densities, to which we still have, except for rare cases, never been able to access.

By removing the Protections/Fortifications and thanks to the Expanding Consciousness of the Surface Population, which has weakened and continues to do so every day more, the the Dark Forces, Awakened Humanity is now allowed to access these Realms.

Classicals Are Abandoned
Even the Classicals are difficult to interpret, we could think of Classicals as the entire regime of beliefs that for thousands of years have kept the human race subjugated.

Classicals in school are those readings that provide a unique, well-known interpretation that does not give space to other subjective interpretations.

In this case, the abandonment of the Classicals might symbolize that academic interpretations are abandoned. As an example, we can now see the existence of life outside the Earth. Religious dogmas are questioned. History does not apply as it did as before.

All this, that we could call Classicals, are now opening up to a new interpretation.
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