06 August 2017

Global Cleansing Energies in August - Aluna Joy Yaxkin - 4 August 2017

Source: Aluna Joy Yaxkin

Well guys..... my dreams are back to being weird and disjointed again. Those that know me know that I am an epic dreamer and these dreams are clues to current world consciousness and sometimes even prophecy.

My personal insight after the last few nights of dreaming (I wont bore you with dream details) ... It feels like our world is in a crazy, cosmic blender right now. When I woke up this morning, I asked about this. And the answer was immediate from the Star Elders. They shared ... "The human race will be very clear about what is not working anymore and soon. This is the only way you achieve a global course correction".

Then they showed me ...

Those of us here who are "watchers" already know about the array of mental and social programs that are either misguided or outright lies in the light of this new cycle (Began in 2013). And, because we are ONE, we can still feel the impact of this disjointed and out of focus energy.

So, as I learned the hard way yesterday... Don't allow yourself to get triggered by other people's anger, issues or judgements. All of these come from separation and goes against the laws of nature and the law of love.

But... getting triggered seems to be up in the ethers right now. So your job... if you choose to accept it... is to not get triggered today and for the rest of the year. I am challenging myself right now to keep my heart open and stay balanced, and I hope you will challenge yourself too, and for the days to follow. If you feel you have to defend yourself, then you are just wasting your energy and light, and you have already lost. No matter what anyone does or says, etc..., don't waste your precious energy being upset by this (I lost a few hours yesterday brooding over nonsense).

But.... Remember, we have no idea of the challenging string of events that any person might be going through that caused them to trigger you. Act from compassion as best you can, and forgive yourself when you don't. And the BIG ONE ... don't lose yourself to the new, rising, global epidemic (only temporary) that is causing a critical collective loss of empathy.

Then the Star Elders showed me that this cleansing energy is going to intensify through August as an epic total solar eclipse crosses over the USA (interesting) and through the end of the year. These realignments are rarely personal anymore; they are global. The dark will become light again. We are ONE and guided by the law of LOVE.

Blessings to all you wonderful people - your light is valued by masters and angels, and it is truly needed.

~ Aluna Joy

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