03 August 2017

Issues with Yet-Awakened Loved Ones ~ Two Posts by Beth Ann Carr

In a discussion with a dear Soul and dedicated Light Warrior, she told me of her successful healing with Beth Ann, whose site is called Remember Evolve. When I took a look at her site, I found a couple of posts that addressed a topic which has been a major problem with quite a number of powerful and determined LWs with whom I keep in touch ~ issues with loved ones.

Beth Ann's suggestions and guidance are both practical and sensible. The problem with this sort of situation is that the implementation itself may be more challenging, especially if we are dealing with people who are very near and dear to us. However, do we must, for if we don't, we will surely compromise our own safety and even the very purpose for our presence here in this lifetime.

The following are the two posts from Beth Ann:

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