02 August 2017

It's About Time: The Great American Eclipse (Part 3) ~ Randy Bruner ~ 17 July 2017

This 19+ minute discourse from Randy Bruner about the implications of the Total Solar Eclipse is most engrossing. Somehow everything made so much sense! Interpreted from the viewpoint of the Mayan Calendar.

The alignment of Venus (manifestation of joy, love, beauty, harmony) has the potential to break the spell of the Patriach. Also, the chart depicts the possibility of chaos occurring, which is usually necessary to break down old paradigms, one main structure being Religion. However, Randy sees that this chaos will likely be contained in a nest of harmony, as shown by the geometric structure of the alignments during the Total Solar Eclipse.

The configuration also points to the embodiment of the Goddess energies and the transformation of the Masculine energies to its natural state. We are also returning to Spirituality, peace, abundance and our true nature.

Please enjoy Randy's detailed explanation here.

PS. Is it me, or does Randy look like Dumbledore?....

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