08 August 2017

Just Hours Till Lunar Eclipse: Lions Gate Activations ~ Meg Benedicte ~ 7 August 2017

Source: New Earth Central

We’ve been preparing for this momentous eclipse season for many months…today it begins! The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse arrives today at 11:10am Pacific/2:10pm Eastern at 15º Aquarius. The powerful Leo Solar Eclipse will culminate two weeks later in a zero point reset on August 21st. The cosmic events of August will impact our lives in unexpected ways. With conscious focus and intention, you can ride the Galactic SuperWave into your Soul’s Ascension Timeline.

Today’s Lunar Eclipse highlights humanity’s common denominator…we all are part of a global community and our strength lies in united focus, vision and action. The full moon eclipse opposes Mars, charging the Aquarius South Node. Now is the time for humanity to develop emotional maturity and learn to master triggered emotions. End all involvement in polarized battles of conflict and transcend the base self, so you can live as the divine self.

The Aquarius Full Moon Eclipse can spark new ‘aha moments’ of clarity and understanding – as the intense bright Light reveals hidden truths. Just hours later on August 8th the 8-8 Lions Gate portal reaches peak momentum.

During the Lions Gateway, Star Sirius is rising every morning on the horizon with the Sun. This is the time of year when our planet aligns with Star Sirius and the Galactic Center, creating a harmonious portal that unites “matter and antimatter”. As we step into the Infinity Figure-8 Stargate together we will receive Star Markings that propel us into the higher realms of Ascension – these solar star codes are cellular in nature and will determine how the DNA ignites with the Soul blueprint. We are being given access to unprecedented knowledge and abilities that only the Master Avatars utilized in the past.

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