09 August 2017

Metatronic Numerology 2017 Lion’s Gate/Dragon’s Gate Frequency Report ~ Essence Ka tha'ras ~ 7 August 2017

Source: Shambahalla New Earth

Because of time constraints I am currently experiencing, this frequency report on the 2017 Lion’s Gate & Dragon’s Gate will be just touching on the basics.

If you would like to learn more about what these two very important Portal Openings are bringing to Earth and Humanity in the way of frequencies for the coming Lion’s Gate year be sure to listen to my Blog Talk Radio Program, “Flowing with Spirt”, when my co-hosts Kyra Meerna and Katsura Balanza and I discuss this information in more detail. The program airs Monday, August 14th, 2017 at 7:30pm Pacific time/9:30pm Central time. You can check back here at, ShambahallaNewEarth.com, or on my FB page Essence Ka tha’ras, for a link to the program. Or you can dial in at (516)387-1874 at show time and listen via phone, and even join in on the conversation.
Now… On to the report.

What is the Dragon’s Gate?

Located within the Lion’s Gate Galactic Portal, the Dragon’s Gate is a long forgotten Ancient-Future Intergalactic Portal associated with the movement into and through Collective Golden Age Cycles.

The Lion’s Gate Portal opens each year and brings us updated codes and information from our Milky Way Galactic Great Central Sun, (Ki-Ra Consciousness) that was sent to it from our Local Universal Sun Consciousness, traveling a particular pathway; although in 2013 the information Source changed from originating from our Universal Sun Consciousness to originating from our Local Multi-Universal Sun Consciousness.

The Dragon’s Gate, (during the years it opens), brings updated codes and information specifically relevant to Golden Age Cycles, (one of which we are currently just beginning to move into), and although this information also comes to us from our Multi-Universal Great Central Sun Consciousness, it travels via a very different pathway; one that connects into eleven other Galactic Consciousness’ before moving into our Milky Way Galaxy. This very specific pathway, connecting twelve Galactic Consciousness’, (one of which is our Milky Way Galaxy) is the embodiment of our Collective Galactic Over Soul, it is the Collective Galactic Over Soul Energy Matryx Grid in which our reality emanates from and exists within.

During the 2015 Lion’s Gate, the Dragon’s Gate made its first appearance in several thousand years, although it did not open. Its initial opening occurred during the 2016 Lion’s Gate, where in linear time, it remained open for a four-hour period; two hours prior to, to two hours after 12/12pm (noon) UTC.

This year it will remain open for six and a half hours; from 8:45 UTC TO 15:15 UTC.

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