13 August 2017

Unity Meditation as One Race

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In this lifetime, while we are incarnate on this beloved Planet, we are all of one race....
the Earth Human Race of Rainbow Hues.

Together, as one united powerful collective of creator beings, we are a forceful catalyst for massive shifts that will transform this existence into the World we were always meant to have.

During the Total Solar Eclipse on 21 August, we will be given the perfect opportunity to come together as One Race, stand in our Sovereignty and speak our Collective Voice for Planetary Liberation.

There will also be a New Moon and a Grand Trine presenting on the same day ~ it is indeed a formidable Cosmic encouragement for us to unite and surpass the critical mass that is much-needed for a breakthrough on the planetary surface.

On 21 August 2017, let us ensure that our Unity Meditation will create the standing wave of harmonic frequencies to manifest our Golden Age. Let us all say "yes" to this opportunity!

Background image: Huffington Post


  1. Beautifully written message of intent for our upcoming Cosmic Unity Meditation ~ where all Beings will come together and Unite in Love as One as was all meant to be
    And magically posted at 21:12 to infuse this message with even more Magical Intent

  2. Thank you, and I'm glad you pointed out the 21:12, I hadn't noticed it! I solemnly promise that wasn't "intentional"....Blessings :)