18 August 2017

Unity Meditation ~ Utterly Imperative and of Utmost Importance

Many in the Lightworker community are going through a very disruptive and challenging period, specifically so after the Lunar Eclipse on the 7 or 8 August, depending on the location. As I mentioned before, I hadn't expected this level of intensity when I first cautioned about it on the 7th of this month ~ I haven't felt this much interference since 2012. This is evident from what some public Lightworkers are going through, from threats against lives (David Wilcock and Corey Goode) to fb rejecting "sensitive" posts, to shutting down CSETI's yt channel, to quote just a few.

I shouldn't be at all surprised, considering what's about to descend upon the Planet on the 21st, but to be honest, the level of interference ~ let's call it what it really is.....attacks ~ caught me by surprise. Having said that, I am also very thankful that the dark no longer wields the amount of reckless and wanton power they had in 2001. But look at their brilliance, even with limited influence ~ a single car ploughing into a group of protesters. The result? An entire nation thrown into turmoil in a matter of seconds, with the rest of the world watching nervously. No need for elaborate plane holograms, exotic weaponry or extensive preparations across several secret agencies.

They are so dedicated and focused with pitbull tenacity in carrying out their dark agenda. Acting with one single mind, UNITED in their objective. 

That's how they can still cling on to their last vestiges of power and successfully create havoc to block major progressive events from occurring, or at least diminishing the effects Light projects.

We will need to at least match, if not surpass, their level of focus and single-minded intent.

We need to get our act together and unwaveringly UNITE with one single objective during the Total Solar Eclipse.

We need to speak our collective voice so that our ONE will and intent rings out deafeningly loud and clear, piercing through the deep dark pits of the unLight and finally broadcasting with clarity to reach the patiently-waiting outbreath of the Cosmic Reset.

We need to get this right, dear Light Family ~ we need to come out in full force and show up for the Unity Meditation!!

Please be there for this Meditation, even if it's during a really inconvenient hour of the day. Lock yourself in the toilet (if at work) or turn on 3 alarms (during wee hours) if necessary. It's a Cosmic opportunity that's being gifted to us to seize and act upon, with our own Divine/Free Will. We must ensure that this grand event results in the most positive and highest outcome for Mother Gaia and her Humanity.

Speaking of which, Mother Gaia herself has already gone into warrior mode (Goddesses can be the most effective warriors), and she will no longer allow her path and Will to be jeopardised.


Attacks via a loved one or someone close to us is something that we have been watching out for, post-2012. This is very unpleasant, and most certainly heart-wrenching in severe cases.

However, in all honesty, this isn't even my greatest concern right now, because I'm hoping we've all reached the stage where we know the agenda for this and where it's coming from, and are at least somewhat prepared for this, or know how to handle it.

What I would like to warn against is unexpected outbursts from our LW family. This is specifically designed to create dissent and break up potentially powerful LW groups, to weaken our combined force prior to the 21st. Please be very aware of this and guard against it occurring in your groups or partnerships with a fellow LW. Be forgiving and tolerant if you encounter discord, and watch out for that tendency in ourselves at the same time.


I've had my share of "challenges" over the past 10 days or so. There's physical interference, personal attacks, blocks and disruptions coming out of nowhere, constantly. And I'm so very exhausted. Then there's this blog ~ sometimes I just can't post anything because nothing seems to work. It's been so very challenging, but as I mentioned earlier, their power has been considerably weakened as compared with 2001 and 2012.

We will not be derailed, we will stay on course, we will stay strong, we will stand our ground.

We will deny them the opening to split us up.

I must also make a mention of so many Light Warriors whom I know personally, who tirelessly and ceaselessly carry out their missions, no matter how many obstacles are thrown in their path. Their dedication always amazes me and fills me up with equal parts awe and pride.

HEARTFELT GRATITUDE to these Beautiful Souls who work behind the scenes, away from the public eye.....I love you all! 💜

And now, time for me to step on my Internet Soapbox....

I still see some popular (meaning with very large following) and major LWs who still haven't come on board with the Unity Meditation. Well, I'm calling out to all of you now.....


(Here's me using my David-blog yelling out the the Goliath guys....can't beat ironic humour to keep us going!!)

Come on, guys....whatever your philosophy, beliefs, grudges, objectives.....please put them all aside and gather as One Race to do this Unity Meditation. You speak about the control and domination system and how we must break free from it. Here's the perfect opportunity for you to join as allies to create the conditions that will enable this very transformation! Wait no more, get on board!!

Back to the rest of us.....let's form that Light Pillar around us 24/7, strengthen our connection with our Divinity as much as possible, stand tall in our Sovereignty and walk unerringly towards the 21st in full Empowerment as creator-beings-with-a-determined-mission.

Even with all the disruptions over these past days, please let me assure you that we are track. Even if we encounter a setback or two (or several!!), we have laboured so diligently over the past years with our Inner Work that we are able to bounce back. We are far more resilient than ever before, and when we bounce back, we can usually do it in great leaps.

Despite all that I've gone through, I am constantly reminded of this by all the synchronicities, messages and nudges I constantly encounter. An example is the numerous numerology I see very often when I pick up my phone. I've taken screenshots of some of these (below). I've also been seeing "1234" and variants of "144" when driving, and I just know you are, as well :)

** There are two 18:18 screenshots, one for 17th and the other for 16th August. These are all taken over the past three days, with the latest one just a short while ago (17:17).
Please excuse the one that shows 22:23....by the time I tried to screenshot it with one hand,
the time changed from 22:22 to 22:23 :)  **


Shine your Star, Heart and Earth Chakras as often as you can remember. Make them dazzle with brilliance and beam them as far and wide as possible. This is a great time to connect ourselves to the Cosmos as well as with Mother Gaia, and allow our Heart-Minds to lead.

We have so much power as creator beings to make a massive difference, set in motion the Great Shift, and change our world forever. 

We will step up to our task, and we will carry out our Cosmic duty!

Much Love and many Blessings to all, Namaste!

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