24 September 2017

Find Steady Ground Where and When You Can ~ Lee Harris and The Z's ~ 24 September 2017

Sienna Sunrise ~Dharmajon
For the full message from Lee and the Zs, please go here. The following is an excerpt:

I asked my guides, "What advice would you give for the OVERWHELM that hits us during these times?”. Here was the reply:
Find STEADY GROUND where and when you can.

Understand the need to do this regularly if you want to stay balanced and flow with these times.

Steady ground may be found in nature, peaceful places or healthy relationships. It may be in taking 5 minutes of silence to yourself regularly, if your situation is more limited where freedom of choice is concerned.

This is a time where you will be compelled to FIND STEADY GROUND and to disengage from situations or relationships where chaos or imbalance reign.

Emotions are running high on Earth which means that those of you with sensitive ears (emotional hearing) will find yourselves running out of energy/patience/grounding with greater regularity than before. Even if you feel clearer and more capable of loving relationships than ever, the intensity of emotion that many are purging can take a toll from time to time, or when experienced for long periods. Especially as many are unconscious of the level of emotion and energy they are running through their words and actions.

You are in a DEEP CHANGE PROCESS on Earth, where change is hitting you from all sides. This makes it feel as if everything is faster than ever.

SO this means that the challenges for maintaining your center are real. The center of the collective energy field is changing, so equally is your personal energy field. You have to re-find and rediscover the center of your personal energy field regularly. Try new things that you haven’t tried before, as much of the old won’t work any more. And more importantly, NEW DISCOVERIES is one of the benefits of this time, on personal and collective levels. This can look like new talents, abilities, passions, levels of relationship, becoming interested in areas of life you previously had no interest for. CHANGE IS HAPPENING and when you can embrace new change, it makes mourning or grieving for the past status quo less painful.

Assistance Request: Saturday Meditation for the Influx ~ Sandra Walter ~ 23 September 2017

The time for the meditation has passed, but I'm posting this anyway for the rest of the information that it contains. "....the end of stepping down frequencies and influxes...." ~ that seems to confirm what Corey Goode has said.

Source: Creative Evolution

Blessings Beloved Light Tribe ~

A beautiful Gateway weekend to all. This post contains a request I received this morning from our Higher Teams.

The term *Cosmic Trigger* refers to passages when cosmic factors are aligning to amplify our Ascension Process. As with any Gateway, it presents an opportunity for HUmanity to co-create with the cosmos. This Cosmic Trigger contains an alignment which many believe to be paradigm-shifting.

It is a great HUman Ascension lesson to learn to become a Creator Being. We have witnessed this with each Gateway; the blending of hearts to assist in co-creating the Ascension, rather than waiting for external factors.

Your participation is requested this weekend. The Galactics have suggested the end of stepping down the frequencies and influxes (Earth-facing quiet). Apparently there are enough Wayshowers who can rally their Tribes when needed. This is one of those moments, and so I pass on the message to CO-CREATE with the Universe at a much higher level this weekend.

Meditate with the Tribe on SATURDAY, September 23 at 11:11amPT. We unify for 33 minutes to maximize the cosmic factors. Collective intention to call forth the strongest consciousness-shifting light influx yet. The SUNspots are prepared, the grids are opened. Use your heart-intent on behalf of all and call this forth.

Update for Goldfish Report No.133

For those who haven't yet tuned in but are waiting for a possible transcript, good news ~ there will be one out in about a week, from what I can see on the youtube page.

Also, if you would like to get a small sense of what topics were discussed, I've added a short list at the bottom of my post for this interview, please access here.

23 September 2017

Meditation for Mexico on September 23 at 5pm GMT

Saturday, 23 September at 5pm GMT
10:00 AM PDT in Los Angeles
12:00 PM CDT in Mexico City
1:00 PM in EDT in New York
6:00 pm BST in London
7:00 pm CEST in Paris
Sunday, 24 September 2017
1:00 AM on Sunday in Taipei
2:00 AM on Sunday in Tokyo.

You can convert to local time here:

Please head over to We Love Mass Meditations for full details.

Joint Cobra / Fulford / Kauilapele Interview by Goldfish Report ~ Cobra ~ 23 September 2017

I've already posted this interview, but I need to post this again, from Cobra.....if only for the image!

Cobra's post is on The Portal.

A Small Fragment of Solara's September 2017 Surf Report

It's the last week of September, I know, but this free version was just made avaible today.

Source: The NVisible


August's extremely powerful Total Solar Eclipse brought a powerful acceleration. Many of us experienced a powerful infusion of Pure True Love and Oneness, while at the same time encodings of the New Reality were activated that opened up a doorway into a vast New Realm which we never knew existed.

As the Sun and Moon aligned, the energies of AN intensified and we were expanded and reconfigured. The pins which long held us hooked into duality popped out, one after another, until we experienced a new sense of expanded wholeness. With this release came a deeper awakening.

After August's Eclipses, we really hoped that September was going to be a quiet month of much needed integration. Instead, many of us encountered a series of strong Red Lights in various sectors of our lives. These Red Lights brought us to a complete, and totally unexpected, standstill.

The Red Lights that we are experiencing are not hindrances. They are allowing us to thoroughly repattern ourselves and to reroute our lives onto the Truest Path possible. While we are being stopped by the Red Lights, we may feel that we are located somewhere in the Spaces-in-Between, which is neither HERE nor THERE. This makes us feel profoundly expanded and formless. We feel like a fish out of water, uncertain of where we are or how to breathe in this unfamiliar environment. Certain areas of our lives that we knew how to do well, may suddenly have disappeared. The things that we normally rely on now no longer work.

Some of us are being greatly tested and challenged. Just like the profusion of hurricanes, floods, earthquakes and wildfires all over the world, we may be in the midst of a Mega PERFECT STORM. The Red Lights are not happening because we are doing anything "wrong". They are not a misfortune. It may often feel like we are traversing an endless obstacle course, but for some reason, it doesn't feel hopeless. It's just part of the massive RESET that we are experiencing. This is why we need to simply accept these Red Lights as actually being just what we need and offer no resistance..

Fortunately, not everyone is experiencing Red Lights at this time. There always need to be those who are holding the Beam for those going through challenges. Deep gratitude to those who are doing this much needed service!

Please read on (scroll down to the bottom of the page)....

The GoldFish Report No. 133 Exo-Geo Political Round Table w/ Cobra, Benjamin Fulford and Kauilapele ~ 22 September 2017

** Update1: I'm about halfway through this interview ~ Cobra is giving out lots of details so far, about weather modification, sun activity, financial systems, about gold being physical anchor for Life on our Planet (that's news to me!), back doors in Windows OS and its impact on cryptocurrencies....

** Update2: Short list of some topics covered by Cobra at bottom of post. Many thanks to Louise and Steve for hosting this!

As far as I know, there isn't a transcript available for this. (I just checked a few minutes of Cobra's voice modulation ~ it's actually rather good!) Here's the description given:

On The GoldFish Report No. 133
Hosts Louisa and Steve welcome COBRA, Benjamin Fulford and Kauilapele for An Exo/Geo Politics Round Table: Uniting the Light- Planetary Situation. 

This intriguing exchange includes discussion about the current status of the power players on the world stage and the real cause for the delay in the transition of the financial system and planetary liberation overall. 

Kauilapele describes his mission work and the energetic changes and transition we are all experiencing and clearing. 

Benjamin provides his unique insider and journalistic perspective to issues in the USA, North Korea, Japan, Vatican, Dragons, financial insight and more and COBRA bridges those two worlds together in a unique and eloquent way through the efforts of the Resistance Movement and Secret Space Program efforts that are working toward Planetary liberation and resolution of this current hostage status on earth. 

COBRA also discusses the major solar and weather events that are happening on earth, and they ultimately represent, and much more. 

They all end with messages of positive change and hope for humanity. 

To subscribe to Benjamin's weekly newsletters please visit https://benjaminfulford.net/
To learn more about COBRA and The Resistance Movement visit http://2012portal.blogspot.com/
To follow Kauilapele's Blog and Energy Reports visit https://kauilapele.wordpress.com/
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Thank you for your support and Thank you for viewing!

This round-table discussion can be accessed here.

**Some topics covered:
  • Weather modification
  • Sun activity
  • Financial systems
  • Gold being physical anchor for Life on our Planet (that's news to me!)
  • Back doors in Windows OS and its impact on cryptocurrencies
  • Some of the Caesars were reincarnated Archons; many Archons still based in Rome, connected with Jesuits
  • Yaldabaoth (though I don't think Cobra actually mentions this name) controls the AI which is used program Humanity
  • Compression Breakthrough is when Light breaks through completely
  • Cintamani grids can transmit spiritual electricity without frying the surface
  • KP describes his Cintamani mission
  • We need Lightworkers to cover required roles across the spectrum 
  • It's up to each individual to decide what they wish to do for the Equinox (just passed)
  • Each one of us has our inner guidance and inner journey, it's part of our responsibility to be part of the Liberation process
  • Ben Fulford says that they are losing and are desperate now, that's why they are doing what they are doing, including character assassination, threats etc
  • Cobra says that their biggest fear is exposure and when the truths come out, people will be angry and start a revolution
  • They are in a corner, and that's why they are so reactive right now; that's why the transition has to be steered carefully and wisely so that the Planet will not be destroyed
  • Ben brings up his fear of death, the issue of immortality, and why they are suppressing knowledge about this; Cobra reveals that fear of death is one of the deepest subconscious programs that Cabal have created; this fear is the basis for financial control and makes exploitation of Humanity possible
  • Light Forces (RM) have tech to overcome this, which will be given to Humanity after Liberation
  • Immortality isn't the issue, the fear of death programming is; when we overcome this programming, then we are free because the Cabal cannot control us financially
  • When we are free of this program, our inner power expands and we create a Life that's free from the system
  • Cobra reminds us that we are our immortal Higher Self, although our physical bodies may not be immortal. He even jokes that we can always get a clone replacement (from RM? audio was unclear to me)
  • Cobra stresses that it's always the most challenging just before the breakthrough; this year has been challenging because the real issues, the stalemate at the very top, are finally being resolved. We have to keep going and keep going and keep going and we'll get there.

22 September 2017

Enter the Dragons ~ Gaia Portal ~ 22 September 2017

Source: Gaia Portal

Enter the Dragons.

Every Thought, Word and Deed ~ Gene Keys

 ** If we could see that every thought, word, deed and act we make
has direct consequences on our future,
the world would clean itself up really fast. **

This year, I'm happy to see (in general) people referring to this time as "September Equinox", and not Fall or Autumn Equinox. I wrote to many public sources last year and asked if they could use more inclusive terms to call these events ~ many responded positively.

Words.....they are frequency vibrations. And when we, as creator beings, use words, we set the process of manifestation into motion. The dark know this only too well.

Happy Equinox to all 💖 and let's manifest the greatest outcome during our Equinox Meditation!

Richard Rudd's website is Gene Keys.

Metatronic Numerology September 2017 Equinox Frequency Report ~ Essence Ka Tha'Ras ~ 21 September 2017

Source: Shambahalla & New Earth

“It’s Time to Get Metaphysically Political”
It’s time to get serious about some Collective Reality Building
Note: this report in and of itself will be rather long, so I will share “Part 2” in a few days with more detailed information about How we can become more “Metaphysically Political”, including information on a World-Wide Event to bring 22 Million people together to work for World Peace in 2020

The September Equinox is exact on
Friday, September 22nd, 2017 at 20:02 UTC

According to the Sacred Art of Metatronic Numerology the frequencies this Equinox are gifting to Earth are as follows.

Main Frequency: 5 Frequency, Sub-frequencies: 00 & 22 Frequencies, Minor Frequency: 44 Frequency

The Metatronic Numerology I AM keyword phrases for these frequencies are…
5 – I AM Adventurous Change
00 – I AM All Potentiality
22 – I AM Spiritual Vision Building Sacred Structure
44 – I AM Structured Power & Metamorphosis


Let’s do a quick summary of what this all means first.

Basically, with the frequency energies this Equinox is bathing Earth and Humanity in, added to the frequency energies the August 2017 Lion’s Gate, Dragon’s Gate and Total Solar Eclipse, we are being pushed to step up and take on more responsibility, (both individually and collectively), in the process of the Creation of Our Shared Collective Reality on Earth. As an analogy, we are being pushed to realize we are no longer Spiritual Children. You could say, We have graduated into College and it is time we stop “studying basic elementary school courses”, and begin our “study in college courses”. It’s time to step out of our comfort zone and do what we said we are ready to do.

Let me make clear, I am NOT saying to bypass your own individual Spiritual Work on Self. What I am saying is, it’s time to get serious with that work and get it done so you can take on more responsibility.

Please read on....

Sacred Union Equinox ~ Joanna Fay ~ 21 September 2017

Source: Heart Star

Dear All,

With the September Equinox fast approaching (22nd or 23rd of September, depending on your location) we would love to share with you a divine soul reconnection which has been in loving preparation and culminates on September 23rd, synchronized with this year’s Equinox. Coming through the vibration of equilibrium is a long-awaited sacred reunion ~ of Gaia, the planetary soul of Earth, and her Twin Flame, Aisaia, planetary soul of Jupiter, the ‘king of planets’. Take a pause, into timelessness, go into your heart, and feel what this reunion will softly, pervasively radiate through and around this beautiful planet ~ restoration of the divine feminine and masculine, in the unity and peace of unveiled crystal clear recognition ~ as the screen between them drops away, and their energy can flow in oneness, wholeness, through all the dimensions, touching all life on, in and around the Earth (and Jupiter).

For the last nine months, Jupiter has been passing across the constellation Virgo, and will be ‘born from the womb of the Virgin’ on September 23rd. Virgo has been seen as both maiden and mother ~ as Ceres, the mother goddess of grain and harvest ~ and aligns with Gaia as a ‘mother soul’ in our Solar system. The Equinox is the perfect vibrational moment ~ equal night and day (or almost), the only days of the year when the axis of the Earth isn’t tilted toward or away from the Sun…and on a higher level this vibrates as equilibrium, so the rebirth of Gaia & Aisaia’s soul connection is aligned particularly to come through this vibration.

I began dreaming of this planetary soul reunion in April, and while focusing with Aisaia, took some photos of Jupiter that represent his soul visually ~ here they are in sequence: the first one was taken on May 2nd, at a moment when he was being called from the realms of Light to remember his Twin Flame. The three lights are Jupiter at the bottom, with a beautiful large rose-gold ‘mother orb’ close by, Spica (alpha star of Virgo) in the middle, and a ‘light sign’ above, which I’ll show in detail below.

Please read on....

Announcing "Living Time Science" ~ Stephanie South ~ 21 September 2017

Quoting the "Mysterious Gil" one again:

"As we dream ourselves asleep, so shall we dream ourselves awake."

Stephanie South has launched her new website:
This new site was created with deepest Love and to activate the Remembrance of the Greater Dream that is Dreaming Us.
....Living Time Science is the official site of Stephanie South “Red Queen” to make accessible the teachings of the Cosmic History Chronicles. It comes with the reminder that Time on this Planet is short. Reality as we know it is rapidly shifting. This World will never satisfy us. There is no way out but IN… that’s where the real magic resides.

For those interested in pursuing this, please read more of what she has to say at the following link. Stephanie is also offering a free pdf "Thinking with a New Mind" to start off this new venture.


Choose Your Pill ~ Cobra ~ 21 September 2017

A "trailer" for Cobra, by Arbre Solaire. Please watch at The Portal.

21 September 2017

Prayer For Today ~ Emmanuel Dagher ~ 20 September 2017

** May the world heal quickly, and Peace unite Humanity.
Emmanuel Dagher **

Source: Emmanuel Dagher

Easy For Some....

** I'm going to sit down and empty my thoughts.
That's what I do all day. **

Thank you to Galactic Historian for posting this.

Anchoring Spiritual Resilience International Day of Peace & Equinox ~ Aluna Joy Yaxkin ~ 20 September 2017

I'll copy this in full because some don't have fb.

The "Mysterious Gil" has said that "The past is old; the future is ancient."

Aluna Joy's insight of identifying the four elements ~ Fire, Air (hurricanes/typhoons), Earth (earthquakes) and Water (rain) ~ is appreciated. And perhaps Ether is activating everything at the moment.

Source: Aluna Joy Yaxkin

Happy International Day of Peace! (Sept 21)

Please send out peace, love and respect for all living beings! Every human being is worthy and deserves love and respect.

The Mayan Astrology for this day is Visionary.

10 Men (Kiche traditional) - 4 Imix (Mayan Astrology)

These Mayan days tell us that this day can bring about and ground the birth of a higher vision for the Earth and all living beings. Let us pray that this is so. We truly need this birthing and grounding to create a foundation stone for what is to come. We encourage you to hold this intent all day in your heart. Hang tight, and anchor the frequencies of this day as we will need this as we travel further into this cycle. And SO IT WILL BE.

Have a Blessed Equinox (Sept 22 at 1:02 PM PDT)

The following day, after the international day of peace, holds a drastically different frequency as we enter Equinox.

The Mayan Astrology for this day is Clearing....

11 Ajmak (Kiche traditional) - 5 Ik (Mayan Astrology)

This days speaks about the dissolving of the traditional, warrior spirit paradigm, and the dissolving of the programming around traditional community and society. It speaks about the great need to be flexible and empowered to be super resilient as we travel through yet another huge flux of transformational energy. The Star Elders used the phrase "spiritual resilience" in a very strong way to me today. May these two days combined bring sacredness back to the world in a higher form.

What we are beginning to see happening now ...

Scotland came home with us! It has been like having Highland déjà vu every day since we got home. Everywhere we go, we see echoes of our pilgrimage out in the world. I am calling it "sacred site synchronicity". The sacred site energy came home with us, but now it also seems to be affecting our physical world around us. Many in our group have been having similar experiences.

Examples (remember that everything around you is a clue) ...

Our house sitters said they got an email saying Scotland was considered the most beautiful country in the world. We are not arguing this as we find it stunning energetically and physically. This post really made an impression on them, enough that they would mention it to us. Another example of Scottish déjà vu is that we decided to go and see the animated movie, "LEAP", about a girl following her dream. The opening scene was an ancient, stone castle surrounded by many standing stones, dolmens and cairns! Raphael and I kept looking at each other whispering "Is this really happening?" It is like our pilgrimage is now echoing through our current physical reality, and there have been many examples. I will not bore you by listing them all here.

It doesn't usually work this way. We usually come home from a fantastic pilgrimage, and I will quickly feel like it was all a big beautiful dream. Sometimes we feel desperately isolated, even though we feel personally and spiritually altered and raised by our experiences. But now I am seeing something different happening. I am seeing a blending of what we have been experiencing spiritually with our physical world. This is not a surprise to me. This is a natural progression of events based on what we have been seeing (the clues/symptoms) taking place over the last few years. Our work has become very physical (and less etheric). We have been watching our bodies working hard to prepare for physical ascension this year. This is why we have had so many symptoms in our physical bodies, and some people have been leaving this world to meet up with us on the other side. It has been a physically challenging year for many.

So after a few days of Highland Scottish déjà vu, I started asking some questions. Could it be that our travels to sacred sites are now, not only weaving ancient codes into our spirits, souls and DNA, but also impacting and uplifting our physical world? If so, could this bring back to our physical world divine balance and uncountable other aspects of universal truth back into humanity? This truth that was anchored here by our ancient ancestors. I am certainly keeping my eyes open to witness more clues.

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After becoming conscious of our Highland sacred site déjà vu, we started seeing the other side of this experience, the flip-side. Just like the next 2 Mayan days that have very different energies from one day to the next, I am also witnessing a drastically opposing energy out in the world. I want to share what I have been seeing ... not as judgements but as clues to something much bigger happening than the actual event itself.

The first thing we noticed is several trucks with giant American flags flying behind them. Now I have no problem with America or flying flags, but you could feel the anger and the aggression coming from these trucks. Remember, I live in a little cocoon called Sedona. The first truck that we saw, we just blew off. When we saw another truck decorated in the same way, and yet another truck, it got our attention. All these drivers were emanating a strong energy of anger and dominance. This was obvious by their aggressive driving.

After finishing some shopping, we went back to our car. There was a man standing in the middle of the parking lot preaching at the top of his lungs. Now I don't have any trouble with a soapbox preacher. Everyone has a right to an opinion, and they have a right to speak it. But again, the aggression, domination and the anger coming from this man was scary. And I don't scare easily. He was preaching about something sacred, the teachings of Jesus, baptism, the true church, etc..., but his face was so red that he looked like he was about to burst. It looked like his blood pressure was off the charts. We gave him a wide birth as we returned to our car. By now Rapheal looked at me, and said that it feels like we are in the deep South back in the 1960's (The areas of the Southern United States).
In another event, a friend of ours had his tires slashed at a trailhead parking lot. He found a note on his windshield that said something to the effect of… real men ride real bikes. He has an electric mountain bike. All he could say was that something is happening to our little town. It is clear to me something is starting to happen all over the world.

After traveling to sacred sites for over 30 years, we have noticed a few things. For instance, the energy of sacred sites stay constant through all the dimensions. This is why a lot of us feel quite at home in these sites. Another effect is that by being in sacred site frequencies, they tend to bring up our shadow side. Our groups can hit some challenging spots that need to be cleared. Each pilgrimage that we take might have a unique theme, but the one thing that stays constant is change, clearing, and a deep uplifting that we bring home with us to weave back into our lives. This recent pilgrimage was uniquely different and powerful. We were put to work in very strong ways. Our group was extremely resilient, flexible, and they maintained their masterful composure throughout, and we got a lot of great spiritually satisfying work done. But it is now becoming evident that this energy is returning home with us in a new way. We always knew it did, but we never noticed that it affected our physical reality until this year. We are depositing energy into the Earth in ways that we have never done before.

(You can do this right where you are, right now. It is simple. No fancy meditation or process is needed. Just be in your heart, and simply offer the energy of any and all special places that you have been to in your life, and allow this energy to flow from your heart, down through your body, to your feet, and allow it to flow across the Earth with love.)

Then we begin to think about all the other groups and sacred site travelers out there. Those that have basked in blissful and powerful energy, and woven these frequencies back into the physical world, and back into their lives and their homes. It is mind-boggling. Is this what we have been doing all along? Raising ourselves up, and then raising the world up as well? Are we bringing back to our physical world uncountable sacred aspects of universal truth and anchoring them back into humanity? These aspects were anchored here by our ancient ancestors, and those ancestors are us!

We need to considering all the clues around us and the progression of events. This includes our deep spiritual work on our etheric, spiritual, mental and emotional bodies... and now adding our physical bodies in this ascension process. It would be a natural progression of events to see the Earth begin to assimilate ancient energies that were once only present in sacred sites. Is this why we are seeing such a great polarity? Is the energy from sacred sites being released out into the world, through all the sacred site travelers, to clear, purge, and uplift? Is this one reason why ancient pre-Christian pilgrims traveled extensively through the holy lands, and sometimes encompassing their entire lives? I feel like we are following in their footsteps now, and it is our job to do greater things, so we can take humanity to the next evolutionary level, the next higher bandwidth.

We are seeing all four elements quaking, burning, blowing, and raining massive transformation down upon the Earth these days following the total Solar eclipse. The Pacific Ring of Fire has certainly been activated. You see this easily by witnessing the record-breaking storms and earthquakes (not to mention a record-breaking, fire season this summer). With all this, and what we have been seeing since we returned home, we are starting to realize that sacred site travel is more important now than ever. It is funny to see this, because I thought maybe I was done with traveling.

So the Star Elders are helping us (yes, you who are still reading this) to see what is happening around us as clues, to see what will most likely follow, and to help us foster flexible spiritual resilience within us.

Have a graceful peace prayer day and equinox.

Aluna Joy

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*** We are working quickly to post 2 powerful activations that we received in Scotland as soon as possible. We know now that this energy will transfer to you who read our posts. Coming soon.

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Upcoming Pilgrimages....

*** Palenque Mexico - The Rainbow Water Weaver Pilgrimage.
In December, I am excited to return to one of my favorite places, Palenque, Mexico, to bathe in the new energies recently released there. We are looking forward to anchoring Scotland's Dove energy within the Dove Grid of Palenque. We were happy to learn that there was no damage to the site during the last two earthquakes this week. In 2016's pilgrimage, we saw that new doors were starting to open, and magic was beginning to happen in a new way.


*** Sacred England - Piercing the veil of time - Expanding the living codes of the sacred heart. July 2018 - Open to registration now.

*** Egypt And Petra Jordan - Oct 2018 -Coming soon!


I feel, in someways, that I am starting over with these pilgrimages, and on entirely new level. I would like to invite anyone, that feels the call, to join our groups to not hesitate. You will have a knowing, if you are called to join us. Remember hotels only hold rooms for so long, and you might not be able to join us if you wait to long. As of this posting we still have space in all three pilgrimages. We are taking registrations now.

Consciousness-Shifting Influx: Overwriting Realities ~ Sandra Walter ~ 20 September 2017

Source: Creative Evolution

Blessings Beloved Light Tribe ~

Our Equinox and Cosmic Trigger Gateway is upon us. Gatekeepers opened on the New Moon for this passage, and the ever-increasing Now moment energies are palpable.
This is the second-to-last major Gateway of this transformative year. This alignment of cosmic factors, combined with our co-creative intent of Ascension is a timeline choice-point which requires focus and a calm, centered beingness as the influxes are delivered. Similar to last September’s timeline shift, only on a hyperdimensional scale.

Feeling the Primary Timelines
Cosmic factors affecting our Ascension were covered in last week’s extensive list. With that awareness and integration in heart, Wayshowers are moving into a consistent experience of the Primary Timelines of Ascension.

Primary Christed Timelines, which became available with the eclipse, will continue to raise willing, prepared consciousness into a clearer and direct experience of Zero Point and New Earth dynamics.
The key aspect of Primary timelines is that they don’t feel like timelines. It is an unshakeable Now experience, unifying the multidimensional Self and Source as a simultaneous awareness. With conscious heart-based direction, Primary timelines release entanglement with the lower realities. They are encoded with the pure Christed dynamics, and overwrite the denser experiences of past, present, and future.
The boost from cosmic factors triggers our DNA to open to the new experience. DNA creates personal, collective and multidimensional experiences in form. It becomes a photonic light receiver-generator. This is individually guided by consistent heart-based thought patterns, consistent realignment with the now moment, and surrender to the personal revelations of the True Self.

We have had practice for what is unfolding right now. Many are prepared to allow unity consciousness to become the primary experience. As we move into the Divine Flow of Co-creation, the sensation of unity consciousness grows stronger. When we combine the cosmic factors with our unified intent and active co-creation of Ascension, the pathways to the New Earth experience open up.

Please read on....


On the Uptick

Solar flare activity charts showed these type of rhythmic readings after that massive flaring period in the first half of September (above).

Today, the reading looks like this:

Solar flaring is expected in the next few days, timed perfectly for the Equinox period.

PS....I believe we are already feeling the effects of this upsurge in intensity and the Equinox energies. I hope to be able to get through a couple more posts before I give up....

Equinox Gateway is Open ~ Meg Benedicte ~ 20 September 2017

Source: New Earth Central

We are currently experiencing the aftermath of August’s life-changing cosmic events. The recent Leo Solar Eclipse caused a global shift in power that is shaking up status quo. There are those rising in new positions of authentic leadership, while others driven by ego grandiosity fall away.

There is a sense of restructuring occurring at all levels of life. What requires dismantling and rebuilding in your world? Since the March Equinox, there has been massive decomposition of the human hybrid genetic codes and patterns, outdated or destructive timelines and distorted beliefs/emotions. With 5 bodies in Virgo including last night’s New Moon, there exists the opportunity to create order out of chaos!

Amidst all this rebuilding arrives the Equinox Stargate on September 22nd. After 6 months of decomposing, the Libra Equinox launches the extraordinary rebirthing of the galactic crystalline light body. Adding to the mix is another solar flare expected to arrive on Friday, triggering another magnetic field adjustment. We are the Children of the Sun…our time has arrived!

During the Equinox Gateway when the sun aligns with the equator, it reduces polarity in earth’s electromagnetic field. While we pass through these heightened threshold moments, you may feel super-sensitive to the charged energies involved. The seams between dimensions stretch and open, allowing more access to the higher realms. It is an excellent time to strengthen your connection to spirit and clear away old baggage that has been holding you back.

Please read on....

September Equinox Meditation Reminder

Ancient Origins
Meditators have been busy of late. Let's turn up in full force for this one, too!

I just checked Cobra's site, and notice that we slipped briefly into black alert, but have thankfully gone back to red. And we've been at red for such a long time....

So let's turn on our creator power for this Equinox meditation and push things along as much as possible.

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DATE: Friday, 22 September 2017

11:02 PM CAIRO

DATE: Saturday, 23 September 2017

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20 September 2017


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Vision Board for The Event ~ Danell Glade ~ 18 September 2017

Please read the complete article at Prepare For Change.

Releasing 3D Matrix ~ The Arcturians & Suzanne Lie

I (First Name), use my Fifth-Dimensional Consciousness to
consciously perceive and actively participate
in the release of Gaia's 3D Matrix!
The Arcturians through Suzanne Lie

NEW GALACTIC CYCLE: Sept 20 – Oct 17: Electric Moon of Service: Time to Activate Your Passions & Give Your Gifts to the World! ~ Eden SkyWalker ~ 19 September 2017

Source: Awakening Galactic Culture

Here we are my friends, on the 1st New Moon since the epic Total Solar Eclipse, one lunation ago… Nearing the Equinox Holy Days… The challenges are immense and the gifts of these times resound! No stone in our transformation is being left unturned! 

*This post is dedicated to my dear friend Jim Feldmann who recently passed, quite unexpectedly. He was the inspiration for this writing, as he was one of the most giving, service-oriented people I have ever known… His shocking passage has been a profound reminder to me of the impermanence of all of life as the actual ground we live on, as well as the infinite ways there are to give back to life and touch each other in this brief and fleeting encounter we share in here on Earth…* Blessings, Eden Skywalker

Life is a journey; a shared journey with all members of the family of life. While life is full of both hardships and blessings, our opportunity is to always expand our sense of interconnectedness.

The more we contemplate the interworkings behind the scenes of our daily realities, the more evidence we can find of how intimately our lives are interwoven with each other, and how much we all have in common

Ultimately, life is a gift and a mystery to awaken to. What is it that makes life feel worthwhile? We find that it is by caring about something greater than our own selves that we can find fuel to serve.

On The Galactic Calendar, we are now entering “The Electric Moon of Service”  (September 20 – October 17th). This is the 3rd month of the Galactic year that began on July 26th. On this Cosmic Calendar system, the entire 365-day year is understood as a vast spiral journey around the Sun. Each 28-day cycle carries a distinct energy and focus within the unfolding creative process of the year.

You can align with the power of this new 28-day cycle by contemplating its key words: “ACTIVATE ~ BOND ~ SERVICE.” These profound moments on planet Earth are calling you and I to recognize our interdependence, and to offer the natural gifts we have inside of us to uplift our shared adventure. This is the time to bond our energies and form alliances that are mutually beneficial and life-affirming. Activate possibilities. Energize connections. Follow the pulse of positivity.

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It’s Been Lite LIGHT Up To Now! ~ Denise Le Fay ~ 19 September 2017

This, I so agree with:
Barbara Marciniak’s channeled Pleiadians said twenty-some years ago that, “Information is stored in stone and bone.” That makes a lot of sense in the old lower frequency 3D Earth world reality and Evolutionary Cycle, but not so much in the NEW 5D and higher Earth worlds and humans. In them information, which is Light, is now stored in the crystals and crystalline parts of our physical bodies and our DNA which is evolving very quickly now and looking to me like crystalline iridescent granules forming NEW more complex geometric DNA formations.

Source: High Heart Life

I’ve said many times over the years that the Ascension Process (AP) would literally destroy our physical bodies, central nervous systems and psyches if it didn’t happen incrementally in energetic Stair-step fashion, giving us linear time to embody and acclimate to every NEW higher frequency level of Light energies we experience and Embody from each step of this ongoing process. Over the years I’ve used the symbolism of a flight of stairs leading up to a higher floor landing, then there’s a turn on the new higher landing enabling us to continue up another flight of stairs where we eventually reach another landing on an even higher floor and another turn and on and on the higher we go. Such has been and continues to be the unfolding of the AP.

Each flight of stairs represent the different layers and stages between the different landings on each consecutive higher frequency floor and phase of the AP. We live through and evolve up energetic Stair-steps 1 through 20 lets say on the ground-floor level of the AP, with each Stair-step evolving us higher and higher towards a NEW landing. That NEW landing represents another turn or shift within the AP to an even higher level with higher frequencies of Light energies and so on.  We make the turn and begin our ascent up another NEW flight of stairs (1 through 20 lets say again) but at a higher level of frequency. We then evolve up those second-floor set of Stair-steps and eventually reach the third floor landing where we turn yet again to begin our ascent up another higher flight of stairs with matching Light frequencies etc.

Even though this symbolism is greatly simplified, it’s pretty accurate to how we’ve lived and moved through the AP since its start. However, we all had to know at some deep inner level, that at some point within this AP, we’d reach a high enough level of frequency that everything would automatically Shift and change dramatically in comparison to how it has been throughout these evolutionary ascension decades leading up to this current point of change. We’ve reached one of these major points of evolutionary change recently. The August 2017 Solar eclipse was a big part of it, as were some other energetic events, but so too did every AP energetic Stair-step that came before them. There is no one exclusive magical, knock your socks off type “Event” to all this, but many energetic Stair-steps, each one an “Event” unto itself as every Forerunner knows who’ve lived each of them.

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Time of Magic & Power ~ Lee Harris ~ 20 September 2017

The time of Magic and Power is in me, on me, around me.
I welcome it. I invite it.

Source: Lee Harris

Can We WIN The Plasma Plane This Equinox ? + Re-Activation of The 144k Campaign ~ Jim Tourtsakis ~ 20 September 2017

Source: Return To Your Truth

A) All remaining obstacles to the Event are on the plasma plane. The ‘plasma’ toplet bombs (anti-matter bombs) Yaldabaoth & ‘plasma’ anomaly.

B) BIG callout … If enough of us join this Friday’s global synchronized mass meditation, we can not only place humanity one step closer to the Event, … we can make an emphatic statement that….


This is a critical psychological boost most of us need because of how long The Event is taking … the toll that the tyrannical mundaneness of day to day matrix life has on us … and the intense need to complete our internal healing to no longer suffer from this.
It’s at 4:02pm EDT (New York time) … Here’s the guided meditation video (in 20 different languages) to follow:


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(… hit the Share button & spread this. We need to reach critical mass!).

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6 Traits of the Distorted Feminine … and 5 Ways to Bring Back the Natural Women Within ~ Diana Beaulieu ~ 18 September 2017

Source: Wake Up World

We are at a crucial turning point in human history, where recovering embracing our feminine energy is perhaps the most important aspect of our evolutionary journey. The deeper purpose of this time is to bring the divine feminine back to her rightful place so that she can operate in partnership with the divine masculine.

However, the return and integration of the feminine into our lives is not just about rebalancing, but also requires purifying and healing the feminine energies within us and in our world. We need to recognise that our feminine energy has a wounded or shadow side that must be acknowledged and brought into the light if we are to navigate our personal evolution with discernment.

I call this shadow aspect the distorted feminine.

Let’s look at the meaning of the word distort: to twist out of a natural, normal, or original shape or condition (a face distorted by pain); also to cause to be perceived unnaturally (Merriam Webster Dictionary).

The distorted feminine is exactly this — an unnatural and twisted version of our true feminine nature that in this world actually competes with and subverts our true, authentic or natural feminine nature and attributes. Because the distorted feminine is so pervasive we can actually confuse the healthy and distorted energies and for this reason it is important to lay out clearly the difference between the two.

Here are some of the ways in which the distorted feminine shows up in our psyche (a Greek term to describe the Soul) and behaviours. These traits can show up in men and women alike.

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Be the Lighthouse ~ Kryon & Lee Carroll

Be the Lighthouse

From Kryon Live Channelling "The State of the Earth"
June 2017 in Big Sky, MT

Instead of striving for something at the top of the ladder, strive for understanding the circle of energy that makes up your new “now” reality. When you see the circle “I am that I am,” do you understand that it’s a statement of non-linearity? Do you understand that it’s a statement of you and the family? Be the angel, the lighthouse, each moment of your life.

~ KRYON through Lee Carroll, the Original Kryon Channel

Schumann Resonance Over Past 48 Hours

Space Oberving System
Although this chart shows more intense streaks across the chart, the SR has been fairly active for several days now. The chart has registered very many bursts ~ less obvious, but still showing up clearly, nevertheless.

19 September 2017

Opening to Spirit ~ Judy Satori ~ 19 September 2017

Judy Satori has made the above transmission available for free, until midnight 24 September EST USA. Her website is here.

Twenty years and six months ago, almost to the day, I began the greatest journey of my life when I connected to my first ever spiritual guide Balthazar.

The day remains crystal clear in my mind. It was March 1997 and I had received in the mail a LEARN TO CHANNEL workshop brochure. To this day I don’t know who sent it, but I felt compelled to enroll for the two day weekend event.

Often when we go through major positive change in our lives the run up to the change does not feel very pleasant. And so it was for me. I was running late. I felt stressed and could not find the venue. I sat in a coffee shop berating myself for not checking out the location better in advance and feeling annoyed and frustrated.
You see, I think that there was a part of me that was not quite committed
and my higher self was checking out whether I wanted to stay entrenched
in my same old story of life, or whether I actually wanted change and
wanted to move forward. I was procrastinating.
The brochure I received in the mail was like a ‘carrot’ of opportunity being dangled in front of me.

My choice was whether to give up, to sit and read the paper and go shopping, or to make an effort and FIND THE PLACE. It was tempting to give up. My life had been fairly challenging thus far and truly I did not expect any miracles. I did not have a strong spiritual connection.

Something inside of me pushed me on … I remember feeling a pit of discomfort and sadness in my gut, (my intuition – the voice of my higher self), and a realization that I kept on wanting change, but that I gave up on myself too easily and nothing ever seemed to shift!
We all get lots of opportunities presented to us in life, 
but the question is

I got up, paid for my coffee and, with a new and different resolve, I quickly found the venue. The woman running the course took one look at my stressed out self and gave me a large dose of rescue remedy, but as the day went on I relaxed and became excited about what I was experiencing. I haven’t looked back since!


This event changed my life and has opened up everything for me in my work and in my personal life. The workshop was the catalyst that five years later opened me to automatically speak the spiritual "Languages of Light". My entire life opened and blossomed from this first connection with Spirit.

At the workshop, I saw Balthazar in my inner sight as a tall dark man with black eyes wearing and purple robe. He looked Persian. He told me that in a previous life we had been connected when he was Balthazar, one of the three Magi.

What convinced me it was true and I was not making it all up was that when Balthazar’s energy meshed with my energy field I shook violently. I knew I could not fabricate this! For several years thereafter my voice changed whenever I connected with him.

Connecting with Spirit is a skill that we can all learn to do. It just takes 
practice. My spiritual connection, first with Balthazar and then with 
many of the Ascended Masters, Angelic Beings and Multi-Galactics 
has been THE KEY to my own spiritual advancement.

I taught a short 30 minute class on how to increase your connection with Spirit when I was in Singapore recently and I would like to share it with you as a catalyst to your own spiritual activation and opening.

Even if you already connect well with Spirit you will be assisted to go beyond previous abilities and maybe connect to that place that I know and speak of as BEYOND THE BEYOND.

In the audio, I say to call upon the highest level guide aligned to you from the Light, but you can just as easily say, “I ask to connect to my highest level guide from Beyond the Beyond.” Beyond the Beyond just means that you are opening to multi-galactic connections from all of the 22 galaxies that make up the 22 galaxy Multi-Galactic Diamond, our human and Earthly source of a more potent and powerful God/Creation energy.

Opening Your Connection to Spirit

Download FREE for Seven Days ONLY
(Expires midnight September 24, EST USA)
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Cosmic Disclosure: The Ascension of Earth ~ David Wilcock & Corey Goode ~ S8:Ep7

** Update: The transcript for this show is available at Sphere Being Alliance.

Thank you, Shaun Mauro, for gifting this.

To watch, please click link below. There's about 45 hours of free viewing left.

I don't know what this is about as I haven't watched it yet, but here's the given description:

Corey Goode comes forward with more updates concerning the plight of the Inner Earth civilizations, increased contacts from the Anshar, and Earth’s own ascension.


Life, for me, over the course of 2017 so far, has been surreal-stressful-miraculous-detached- insightful-testing-challenging-joyful-peaceful and full of Synchronicity. Did I mention "testing"?

And if the correspondence from several others is an indication, this has been what 2017 is like for many, in general.

It feels like the Planet and Humanity are under siege, amplified.

So many things have happened, and are currently happening, that stretch Humanity's resilience to its utter maximum. It has been repeatedly said that we'll go through the darkest of the dark before we start to rise up again. For Humanity's sake, I sure hope we're just a fibre optic's breadth away from the bottom.

I would like to say something that's not remotely as severe as what many displaced people are going through right now (not just extreme weather but also "civil" wars ~ not in the least bit civil ~ and strife stemming from other manipulated causes), but nevertheless it warrants mention, simply because it is symbolic of the insanity that has ruled Humanity for far too long.

I don't know how many more times I can listen politely to family/friends' discussions about so-and-so getting a state-of-the-art (barbaric) knee replacement, or going to that specialist centre for (ditto) cancer treatment, or buying that latest condo unit that's taken the place of some formerly lush landscape, or using some high-tech latest gadget (that comes with dangerous health risks), before I moan very loudly "Nonononono-o-o-o!!!!! They are all abominations of Life!!!"

Anyway, after spending some time reading through the devastation left behind by the recent hurricanes and typhoons ~ and some places getting hit the second time ~ I felt I need to write about something inspiring. So I'll share a nice story and a couple of amazing pictures here.

The first image is the one at the top. It was taken by a friend while he was in Cameron Highlands, Malaysia. He's not tech-savvy at all, so the question of using a filter doesn't even come in.

Now my story.

I recently embarked on an out-of-state Lightwork project that turned out to be a lot more complicated than I first imagined. I had to enlist the assistance of two non-Lightworker friends because there was no way I could have performed it alone. Thankfully, they can be considered fairly non-mainstream, so I ended up disclosing many things to them to nudge them along the path of awakening. Synchronicity placed them on my path, and I am so grateful for their participation, without which my project would have struggled to even get off the starting block.

During the initial discussion with them, we decided that given the time we had, we would only be able to complete half the project. That was already considered very good, since there were many unknown factors that we had to encounter along the way.

I'm not able to reveal more than I can write (and believe me, if I could, the story would be even more amazing!) but what seemed like a massive project potentially riddled with difficulty, proceeded smoothly, quickly and almost effortlessly! Not only did we complete the entire project, but we did so in such a short period of time!

All throughout the project, Synchronicity after Synchronicity occurred, to the extent that my friends are now new Lightworkers who are believers in the unseen and undisclosed, and are ready to be in service. I had called upon several Higher Beings to guide and protect us, as well as employed whatever spiritual tool I could think of to help the project along.

During the second and last evening of my stay (after the project was completed), I was messaging my friends a simple guide in using the Violet Flame to clear their auric fields. After I sent them the message, and as I was about to begin my own Violet Flame meditation, a light suddenly went on outside my hotel room window:
Violet light!!

Believe me when I say I saw no such light on the first night of my stay.

While the world "out there" continues churning what needs to be churned, we need to stay aligned with our own path and spiritual practices. It's easy to allow the more negative streams in our Life to distract and sway us away from what we need to do for ourselves and the Planet, but staying the course is very much a non-negotiable option for us, increasingly so as we determinedly and persistently head in the right direction. We will see Synchronicity unfolding at every turn, and we will know for sure that we are on our own track.

Stay safe, be strong and keep those vibes high!

Namaste and Blessings 💖