20 September 2017

6 Traits of the Distorted Feminine … and 5 Ways to Bring Back the Natural Women Within ~ Diana Beaulieu ~ 18 September 2017

Source: Wake Up World

We are at a crucial turning point in human history, where recovering embracing our feminine energy is perhaps the most important aspect of our evolutionary journey. The deeper purpose of this time is to bring the divine feminine back to her rightful place so that she can operate in partnership with the divine masculine.

However, the return and integration of the feminine into our lives is not just about rebalancing, but also requires purifying and healing the feminine energies within us and in our world. We need to recognise that our feminine energy has a wounded or shadow side that must be acknowledged and brought into the light if we are to navigate our personal evolution with discernment.

I call this shadow aspect the distorted feminine.

Let’s look at the meaning of the word distort: to twist out of a natural, normal, or original shape or condition (a face distorted by pain); also to cause to be perceived unnaturally (Merriam Webster Dictionary).

The distorted feminine is exactly this — an unnatural and twisted version of our true feminine nature that in this world actually competes with and subverts our true, authentic or natural feminine nature and attributes. Because the distorted feminine is so pervasive we can actually confuse the healthy and distorted energies and for this reason it is important to lay out clearly the difference between the two.

Here are some of the ways in which the distorted feminine shows up in our psyche (a Greek term to describe the Soul) and behaviours. These traits can show up in men and women alike.

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