21 September 2017

Anchoring Spiritual Resilience International Day of Peace & Equinox ~ Aluna Joy Yaxkin ~ 20 September 2017

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The "Mysterious Gil" has said that "The past is old; the future is ancient."

Aluna Joy's insight of identifying the four elements ~ Fire, Air (hurricanes/typhoons), Earth (earthquakes) and Water (rain) ~ is appreciated. And perhaps Ether is activating everything at the moment.

Source: Aluna Joy Yaxkin

Happy International Day of Peace! (Sept 21)

Please send out peace, love and respect for all living beings! Every human being is worthy and deserves love and respect.

The Mayan Astrology for this day is Visionary.

10 Men (Kiche traditional) - 4 Imix (Mayan Astrology)

These Mayan days tell us that this day can bring about and ground the birth of a higher vision for the Earth and all living beings. Let us pray that this is so. We truly need this birthing and grounding to create a foundation stone for what is to come. We encourage you to hold this intent all day in your heart. Hang tight, and anchor the frequencies of this day as we will need this as we travel further into this cycle. And SO IT WILL BE.

Have a Blessed Equinox (Sept 22 at 1:02 PM PDT)

The following day, after the international day of peace, holds a drastically different frequency as we enter Equinox.

The Mayan Astrology for this day is Clearing....

11 Ajmak (Kiche traditional) - 5 Ik (Mayan Astrology)

This days speaks about the dissolving of the traditional, warrior spirit paradigm, and the dissolving of the programming around traditional community and society. It speaks about the great need to be flexible and empowered to be super resilient as we travel through yet another huge flux of transformational energy. The Star Elders used the phrase "spiritual resilience" in a very strong way to me today. May these two days combined bring sacredness back to the world in a higher form.

What we are beginning to see happening now ...

Scotland came home with us! It has been like having Highland déjà vu every day since we got home. Everywhere we go, we see echoes of our pilgrimage out in the world. I am calling it "sacred site synchronicity". The sacred site energy came home with us, but now it also seems to be affecting our physical world around us. Many in our group have been having similar experiences.

Examples (remember that everything around you is a clue) ...

Our house sitters said they got an email saying Scotland was considered the most beautiful country in the world. We are not arguing this as we find it stunning energetically and physically. This post really made an impression on them, enough that they would mention it to us. Another example of Scottish déjà vu is that we decided to go and see the animated movie, "LEAP", about a girl following her dream. The opening scene was an ancient, stone castle surrounded by many standing stones, dolmens and cairns! Raphael and I kept looking at each other whispering "Is this really happening?" It is like our pilgrimage is now echoing through our current physical reality, and there have been many examples. I will not bore you by listing them all here.

It doesn't usually work this way. We usually come home from a fantastic pilgrimage, and I will quickly feel like it was all a big beautiful dream. Sometimes we feel desperately isolated, even though we feel personally and spiritually altered and raised by our experiences. But now I am seeing something different happening. I am seeing a blending of what we have been experiencing spiritually with our physical world. This is not a surprise to me. This is a natural progression of events based on what we have been seeing (the clues/symptoms) taking place over the last few years. Our work has become very physical (and less etheric). We have been watching our bodies working hard to prepare for physical ascension this year. This is why we have had so many symptoms in our physical bodies, and some people have been leaving this world to meet up with us on the other side. It has been a physically challenging year for many.

So after a few days of Highland Scottish déjà vu, I started asking some questions. Could it be that our travels to sacred sites are now, not only weaving ancient codes into our spirits, souls and DNA, but also impacting and uplifting our physical world? If so, could this bring back to our physical world divine balance and uncountable other aspects of universal truth back into humanity? This truth that was anchored here by our ancient ancestors. I am certainly keeping my eyes open to witness more clues.

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After becoming conscious of our Highland sacred site déjà vu, we started seeing the other side of this experience, the flip-side. Just like the next 2 Mayan days that have very different energies from one day to the next, I am also witnessing a drastically opposing energy out in the world. I want to share what I have been seeing ... not as judgements but as clues to something much bigger happening than the actual event itself.

The first thing we noticed is several trucks with giant American flags flying behind them. Now I have no problem with America or flying flags, but you could feel the anger and the aggression coming from these trucks. Remember, I live in a little cocoon called Sedona. The first truck that we saw, we just blew off. When we saw another truck decorated in the same way, and yet another truck, it got our attention. All these drivers were emanating a strong energy of anger and dominance. This was obvious by their aggressive driving.

After finishing some shopping, we went back to our car. There was a man standing in the middle of the parking lot preaching at the top of his lungs. Now I don't have any trouble with a soapbox preacher. Everyone has a right to an opinion, and they have a right to speak it. But again, the aggression, domination and the anger coming from this man was scary. And I don't scare easily. He was preaching about something sacred, the teachings of Jesus, baptism, the true church, etc..., but his face was so red that he looked like he was about to burst. It looked like his blood pressure was off the charts. We gave him a wide birth as we returned to our car. By now Rapheal looked at me, and said that it feels like we are in the deep South back in the 1960's (The areas of the Southern United States).
In another event, a friend of ours had his tires slashed at a trailhead parking lot. He found a note on his windshield that said something to the effect of… real men ride real bikes. He has an electric mountain bike. All he could say was that something is happening to our little town. It is clear to me something is starting to happen all over the world.

After traveling to sacred sites for over 30 years, we have noticed a few things. For instance, the energy of sacred sites stay constant through all the dimensions. This is why a lot of us feel quite at home in these sites. Another effect is that by being in sacred site frequencies, they tend to bring up our shadow side. Our groups can hit some challenging spots that need to be cleared. Each pilgrimage that we take might have a unique theme, but the one thing that stays constant is change, clearing, and a deep uplifting that we bring home with us to weave back into our lives. This recent pilgrimage was uniquely different and powerful. We were put to work in very strong ways. Our group was extremely resilient, flexible, and they maintained their masterful composure throughout, and we got a lot of great spiritually satisfying work done. But it is now becoming evident that this energy is returning home with us in a new way. We always knew it did, but we never noticed that it affected our physical reality until this year. We are depositing energy into the Earth in ways that we have never done before.

(You can do this right where you are, right now. It is simple. No fancy meditation or process is needed. Just be in your heart, and simply offer the energy of any and all special places that you have been to in your life, and allow this energy to flow from your heart, down through your body, to your feet, and allow it to flow across the Earth with love.)

Then we begin to think about all the other groups and sacred site travelers out there. Those that have basked in blissful and powerful energy, and woven these frequencies back into the physical world, and back into their lives and their homes. It is mind-boggling. Is this what we have been doing all along? Raising ourselves up, and then raising the world up as well? Are we bringing back to our physical world uncountable sacred aspects of universal truth and anchoring them back into humanity? These aspects were anchored here by our ancient ancestors, and those ancestors are us!

We need to considering all the clues around us and the progression of events. This includes our deep spiritual work on our etheric, spiritual, mental and emotional bodies... and now adding our physical bodies in this ascension process. It would be a natural progression of events to see the Earth begin to assimilate ancient energies that were once only present in sacred sites. Is this why we are seeing such a great polarity? Is the energy from sacred sites being released out into the world, through all the sacred site travelers, to clear, purge, and uplift? Is this one reason why ancient pre-Christian pilgrims traveled extensively through the holy lands, and sometimes encompassing their entire lives? I feel like we are following in their footsteps now, and it is our job to do greater things, so we can take humanity to the next evolutionary level, the next higher bandwidth.

We are seeing all four elements quaking, burning, blowing, and raining massive transformation down upon the Earth these days following the total Solar eclipse. The Pacific Ring of Fire has certainly been activated. You see this easily by witnessing the record-breaking storms and earthquakes (not to mention a record-breaking, fire season this summer). With all this, and what we have been seeing since we returned home, we are starting to realize that sacred site travel is more important now than ever. It is funny to see this, because I thought maybe I was done with traveling.

So the Star Elders are helping us (yes, you who are still reading this) to see what is happening around us as clues, to see what will most likely follow, and to help us foster flexible spiritual resilience within us.

Have a graceful peace prayer day and equinox.

Aluna Joy

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Upcoming Pilgrimages....

*** Palenque Mexico - The Rainbow Water Weaver Pilgrimage.
In December, I am excited to return to one of my favorite places, Palenque, Mexico, to bathe in the new energies recently released there. We are looking forward to anchoring Scotland's Dove energy within the Dove Grid of Palenque. We were happy to learn that there was no damage to the site during the last two earthquakes this week. In 2016's pilgrimage, we saw that new doors were starting to open, and magic was beginning to happen in a new way.


*** Sacred England - Piercing the veil of time - Expanding the living codes of the sacred heart. July 2018 - Open to registration now.

*** Egypt And Petra Jordan - Oct 2018 -Coming soon!


I feel, in someways, that I am starting over with these pilgrimages, and on entirely new level. I would like to invite anyone, that feels the call, to join our groups to not hesitate. You will have a knowing, if you are called to join us. Remember hotels only hold rooms for so long, and you might not be able to join us if you wait to long. As of this posting we still have space in all three pilgrimages. We are taking registrations now.

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