22 September 2017

Announcing "Living Time Science" ~ Stephanie South ~ 21 September 2017

Quoting the "Mysterious Gil" one again:

"As we dream ourselves asleep, so shall we dream ourselves awake."

Stephanie South has launched her new website:
This new site was created with deepest Love and to activate the Remembrance of the Greater Dream that is Dreaming Us.
....Living Time Science is the official site of Stephanie South “Red Queen” to make accessible the teachings of the Cosmic History Chronicles. It comes with the reminder that Time on this Planet is short. Reality as we know it is rapidly shifting. This World will never satisfy us. There is no way out but IN… that’s where the real magic resides.

For those interested in pursuing this, please read more of what she has to say at the following link. Stephanie is also offering a free pdf "Thinking with a New Mind" to start off this new venture.


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