24 September 2017

Assistance Request: Saturday Meditation for the Influx ~ Sandra Walter ~ 23 September 2017

The time for the meditation has passed, but I'm posting this anyway for the rest of the information that it contains. "....the end of stepping down frequencies and influxes...." ~ that seems to confirm what Corey Goode has said.

Source: Creative Evolution

Blessings Beloved Light Tribe ~

A beautiful Gateway weekend to all. This post contains a request I received this morning from our Higher Teams.

The term *Cosmic Trigger* refers to passages when cosmic factors are aligning to amplify our Ascension Process. As with any Gateway, it presents an opportunity for HUmanity to co-create with the cosmos. This Cosmic Trigger contains an alignment which many believe to be paradigm-shifting.

It is a great HUman Ascension lesson to learn to become a Creator Being. We have witnessed this with each Gateway; the blending of hearts to assist in co-creating the Ascension, rather than waiting for external factors.

Your participation is requested this weekend. The Galactics have suggested the end of stepping down the frequencies and influxes (Earth-facing quiet). Apparently there are enough Wayshowers who can rally their Tribes when needed. This is one of those moments, and so I pass on the message to CO-CREATE with the Universe at a much higher level this weekend.

Meditate with the Tribe on SATURDAY, September 23 at 11:11amPT. We unify for 33 minutes to maximize the cosmic factors. Collective intention to call forth the strongest consciousness-shifting light influx yet. The SUNspots are prepared, the grids are opened. Use your heart-intent on behalf of all and call this forth.

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