30 September 2017

Being the Spiritual Catalyst ~ Lisa Renee ~ 18 September 2017

I believe that this information from Lisa Renee is invaluable to those who are in the situation that she describes,  especially so when it pertains to loved ones in our lives. There's one aspect that I would like to offer as an addition to the list of subconscious patterns acted out by those who are triggered, and that is some thing I call "Rearranging Reality". This is when the person triggered recalls past events differently to that which actually occurred. The person can chop and change sequence of events, leave out/add in/distort events to suit his or her perspective.

Source: Energetic Synthesis

Dear Ascending Family,

Once you become seasoned on the Ascension path, or as a Starseed person, one will start to recognize that you have the role of being a Spiritual Catalyst for others, whether you want to or not. A Spiritual Catalyst instigates potential awakening or consciousness shifts in the people, places and things that become connected with or exposed to your personal sphere of influence.  Sometimes, this may appear to stimulate other people around you into some really strange types of unconscious behaviors, such as spontaneous eruptions of subconscious reactions, transferred projections, acting out in angry impulses from out of nowhere, or our personal favorite here in ES, the dreaded red wave of Victim-Victimizer programming.

This is a very surreal, strange and disorienting time on planet earth, to observe what is happening in the larger collective consciousness during a time of deep psycho-spiritual crisis. We may observe how the current events and psychological operations have instigated a lot of mental confusion and chaos, and sometimes, this instigates aggravated fear and violence in the unawake people and 3D based organizations around us. When people's identity are fully enmeshed or connected to a mental position or belief system, taking sides in the polarity of forces, they can become mentally rigid and emotionally dependent on that specific belief system or mental point of view. We refer to this as the bi-wave polarity consciousness, it’s when a person gets stuck in the extremes of one side or another, and staunchly will defend their beliefs, many times at their own expense and even while generating harm to others. As example, the archetypes of Hero/Savior and Enemy are really the same position in the bi-wave of duality and exaggerated by those playing its archetypal game in order to create sides for division. This is the main divide and conquer tactic by the NAA mind control that is used to keep people arguing and killing each other over petty disagreements that are being taken as major offenses. Recent events with the amnesiac barriers dissolving, rises up subconscious contents which for many have been deeply internalized and personalized by people's sense of identity, and they easily take offence or feel hurt or slighted, because their 3D point of view or mental belief system is being threatened in a big way.

Sometimes, people in our awakening group, people that have made an effort to discover another alternative for exploration, seeking the larger truth in what is going on in the consciousness of this planet, are perceived as a threat, by those who are desperate to maintain their position in the 3D reality bubble. Being perceived as a threat by those who are still asleep, is a common pattern for many of us here. Over the years, I have tried to be authentic with an accurate and objective way to describe my own experiences of VV programming with people that still allow subconscious fears to gain control over them, the betrayal, accusations and demonization that is endured on this awakening path, from what seems to be mostly instigated from exerting control over the most meaningless and petty topics. What was the most surprising in these past experiences, was that the people that tend to be the most brutal, were supposed to be spiritual peers, colleagues or awakening people that defined themselves as spiritually dedicated. Generally, I have a hard time comprehending the types of things that people get upset about, when our problems on the earth are so much larger, so much more expansive then the myopic point of view that many people have in the 3D arena.

With this in mind, remember to be strong when people around you may turn on you suddenly because they perceive you to be threatening in some way. People deeply fear what they do not understand. As awake and aware people, do your best to not let some people's surreal, incoherent and mean behaviors hurt your feelings, as truly many people now are undergoing a type of 3D ego dismantle and spiritual crisis. As a result, they are emotionally unstable, chaotic, confused and prone to lash out with little to no provocation.

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