26 September 2017

Choice Of Realities…Does this choice even exist? ~ Lisa Rising Berry ~ 25 September 2017

photo from Cosmic Starseeds
 Source: Rising Frequencies

I have been seeing talk in different spiritual circles about choosing realities, timelines, etc…  And this really got me thinking because choice is not what we think it is.  It’s not as cut and dry as one thinks.  I wrote in my previous articles about how I can see a split occur in our collective energetic realities.  We all have our own personal reality that is our experiences, but there is also a collective reality that we are all connected too.  I used to only see one reality, now I see two, which is something I never thought would happen.  I saw with the hurricanes people that experienced the storms as an inorganic creation in one bubble and I saw people experience the same storm as an organic creation in a separate bubble.  It was one hurricane on one planet, but two reality bubbles that represented two different experiences.  I decided to look deeper into this, and I found out that it is connected to my other articles I wrote on the Secrets Of Infinity.    Secrets of Infinity Part One….CLICK HERE TO READ  Secrets of Infinity Part Two…CLICK HERE TO READ

In the not so distant past, the matrix reality construct that surrounded our planet was a sideways infinity loop.  It was like the poison apple, it was the silver gate of men, that very few could escape and achieve liberation from.  The infinity loop fell when things got very bad here, and the connection between the upper worlds became disconnected from the lower worlds.  The Mu Cord was cut and the wheels of time fell over.  This created an inorganic time matrix.  In 2015 the infinity symbol flipped upright and became Gold.  Then in 2016 the Mu Cord was restored and flowing.  Once the nodes of the Moon shifted in May of this year, it prepared for the final click between the upper and lower worlds.  Now, with all of the alignments that have been occurring this month, the gates between the two worlds is finally fully open and working.  The Wheels of Time are clicking in the right direction.  I knew this time was coming, and I said on one of our radio shows that I wasn’t sure what would happen to people that did not connect to the organic reality. 

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