29 September 2017

Daily Toplet Bombs Removal Meditation ~ 3pm GMT / 5pm CEST ~ Spear of Light

** sticky for now **
This meditation was specifically mentioned by Cobra in his latest Situation Update ~ its primary focus is the removal of toplets.

Please visit Spear of Light for full details.

Please check here for your local time:

I had earlier on suggested that since the toplet factor is the last thing keeping our Planet and Humanity hostage, perhaps consider consolidating everything (including the disaster-type meditations) into the Violet Flame meditation if you can only do one per day.

However, since this Toplet Meditation has been singled out by Cobra, my suggestion is to make this one the main meditation. By all means, do more or all if you feel guided to do so. This is only my suggestion.


  1. thank you for sharing this meditation

    1. Thank YOU for setting it up! May we get this done and dusted in no time at all.....