27 September 2017

Earthquake Energies: How We Can Help ~ Aluna Joy Yax'kin ~ 27 September 2017

Source: Aluna Joy Yax'kin

A few years back, I was obsessed with driving the entire length of the stunningly beautiful pacific coast highway 1. After we finished the entire journey, I posted about it, and I found that a lot of other light workers and Earth stewards were also getting the call to travel this highway. Then we began to notice that there were very few earthquakes on that coast line for several years, and no big ones at all.

We learned that by just BE-ing on those fault lines, and being with the land and sea, was enough to shift and balance the energy. This was all done without knowing why we were called to do this journey. It has been relatively seismically quiet for years on the pacific coast. This has changed recently. I am starting to feel that it is time to do this again. It appears that the total solar eclipse over North America has really triggered the major fault lines (along with an acceleration of catastrophic storms, and uncountable other issues all over the Earth). I know there are many issues that could use our attention, but this is what I am feeling called to focus on today.

Earth quake symptoms ...
Feeling queasy?
Seeing an odd stillness in your local area?
Seeing birds and wildlife laying low?
Feeling of building pressure or uneasiness?
Pets acting extra needy or quiet?
Lower back aching?

By SHARING HERE, we can help each other learn to read Earth energies for our future needs. These are skills that we learn while traveling in sacred sites in groups. Anyone can read the Earth if they just pay attention. It will be interesting to see what people are noticing out there.

It is time to call on those of you, who have the time and means to get out, and walk on or near the fault lines. The rest of us can send light and love to all the fault lines on Earth. Do this only if you have taken care of yourself first! Always take care of your home base first, otherwise you will not be as effective as you would like. This is true for all your spiritual work in the world.

I can already see a flood love of glorious energy racing toward the coast (and other fault lines). We can shift this. I have no doubt in my heart. We have averted so many catastrophic events already over the last few decades. There are no worries here. We can simply use our light and love to balance out the polarities that have been building in our global collective consciousness. Our dear Mother Earth has been absorbing these accelerated catalyzing energies, and the eclipse in August opened a door and unleashed a huge clearing. This is a blessing, but Mother Earth needs us to focus a bit of our light and intent, TOGETHER, to balance and bring back into alignment the right use of energy. Even my dear brother and Inca Spiritual messenger, Willaru Huyata, is calling for light work and prayers to ease these earthquake energies.

What you can do right now ...
- Simply send prayer and love to the fault lines on Earth.
- Visit natural fault line areas near you, and allow yourself to appreciate the beauty of Mother Earth. Just by engaging in appreciation, we shift more then we realize.
- Gather in groups to send energy to fault lines, or go in a group to these areas.

Just by the simple action of going to these areas, instead of running away from them, we can balance the energy. It is that simple. And yes, we are that powerful. If you feel called to pray, to offer ceremony, place crystal grids, etc..., then this can only enhance your impact.

If you have visited sacred sites, or worked with the Earth's sacred ley lines, your visit to any area that is out of balance, like fault lines, could be even more healing. You carry unique energies, absorbed from sacred places on Earth, that hold a powerful, energetic orientation which maintain a balance through all dimensions.

The simple fact is that as I write this, the energy is already changing ... and by you reading this, it changes even further. And ... if we take any form of action, either on our own, or in groups, then we are only multiplying our balancing, peace anchoring energy exponentially.

So I invite you to do what you can, and know that whatever you do, it is enough. If it wasn't enough, you would be called by your heart to offer more, right? Offer what comes easy and naturally. If you feel guilty that you have not done enough, you have already gone too far, and you are not trusting how powerful you truly are. Each person will be called to offer different types of help. All are appropriate if offered from the heart.

Please share here what shifts you are seeing now. Share what is working for you and how you are helping.

The image is of a map of significant 5+ or more magnitude earthquakes since Sept 17th. The second image is of the fault lines to help you visualize balance.

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