02 September 2017

Eclipse Sparks Again ~ Meg Benedicte ~ 1 September 2017

Source: New Earth Central

It has been a very intense week since the ground-breaking Leo Solar Eclipse occurred on August 21st…unleashing a tsunami of energy into the collective. In the Pacific NW there are almost 1000 fires burning uncontrollably, while along the US coast powerful hurricanes flood cities and oil refineries. Extreme weather is battering status quo, revealing a collapsing infrastructure.

Those on the Ascension path knew this time would come – when the outdated, corrupt system would no longer be sustainable. We knew the transition could be rocky, as the old collapses to make room for the New Earth. We are the stabilizers, the gridworkers, the gatekeepers…the Family of Light! Our time has arrived!

Take care of yourself first, get grounded and hold steady. Then send your Light to where it is needed most. The Eclipse is still altering the electromagnetic field in ways we’re only beginning to understand. The extreme polarity we see running the chaos field is on its last leg. The Eclipse effect is weakening the ‘push/pull’ disruption of opposing polarized forces.

Your EMF is being rewired to exist on less polarity and more unity. The incoming plasma Light is reordering the electrical wiring in the biofield to run on higher frequencies. Your human container of Light is being expanded to embody more Soul presence. The transformation is underway.

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